Not long ago I went on probably one of my most anticipated vacations EVER! Instead of writing to you about it, I thought I'd TELL you about it instead. Be sure to pause the music player on the bottom left of this page so you can hear me as I tell you about my adventures in New York, meeting new friends and going on a cruise! I also added pictures and a few videos! I'm excited to share this with you and hope you enjoy it!!



May 2nd, 2014 - You Remind Me…. © Mary J. Blige

“Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.” – Stevie Wonder

Today marks what would have been my Mama’s 77th birthday.

I’ve have been dealing with a really bad case of writer’s block…almost to the point where I think all my creativity has gone somewhere. Hopefully, I’ll find it soon!

Not one day has gone by where I don’t think of her or miss her and I didn’t want a birthday to pass without paying tribute to her. I thought I’d do something a bit different this year and post songs that remind me of her…in no particular order, here I go:


Lady's Faves...Short But Sweet Edition!

Just a few things I’m listening to that I think y’all should check out…

Marsha Ambrosius ~ Stronger Than Pride
Wow wow wow! Marsha KILLED this cover of Sade’s Stronger Than Pride. I’ve always been a fan of her voice and it sound like liquid gold here. I’m loving the hip hop spin she put on it as well. Any hip hop head would recognize the use of Jeru The Damaja’s Come Clean on this one. I’m so looking forward to her sophomore album Friends & Lovers which is slated to come out in April. Marsha released the video for Stronger Than Pride just before Valentine’s Day and hopefully will sustain us till then!

Best of 2013…The Late Edition

Wow, time is flying by! We’re going into March now and I haven’t posted in a bit. Let’s just say I waited a while so everyone else could get their year end/New Year posts out. ;-)  Let me reminisce a bit, will you? 2013 was a pretty decent year for me! Here are a few of my highlights:

  • Partying With Jill Scott, Young Guru & ATCQ’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad! – Yep, you read right! I started to year off right! I headed down to North Carolina for some relaxation and to attend my friend, 9th Wonder’s birthday party. What a great time that was! Most significantly, I got to meet Ali Shaheed Muhammad who is a member of my favorite hip hop group of all time, A Tribe Called Quest! I just about died! To see the full post with pics, click here.
  • Jamla Army Colonel – Many of you know about my affiliation with Grammy Award winning producer 9th Wonder, his label Jamla Records and his online marketing and promo team, The Jamla Army. I was promoted from Lieutenant to Colonel in February and very proud of it. It’s amazing to know such a great group of people and be a part of an amazing movement!
  • I Met My Childhood Crush! – Growing up, I was a HUGE New Kids On The Block fan. This fandom was re-ignited in 2013 when they came twice to Toronto while on tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men. The 1st time I had a ‘hallway moment’ with my longtime fave, Donnie Wahlberg, got a pic with Joey McIntyre and had amazing seats! You can read all about it and see the pics/vids I took here. The 2nd time around, my cousin, Jojo and I had pretty decent seats. We went to their after party where Jonathan Knight remembered me from the first time (more on that later) and I managed to have enough guts to ask Nate Morris of Boyz II Men for a pic! You can find that post here! Also in September, Donnie was in Toronto to announce that they were opening a Wahlburgers here. I finally got a pic with him then and gave him a gift! More on this here.


Lady's Faves: Who Or What Influences Your Musical Palette? An Ode To Regalo...

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley

Recently, I came to the realization that my musical palette/knowledge is vast and varied because of my family. Their influence sparked my love/interest in music that led me to respect and enjoy different genres while developing my personal preferences.

A few nights ago, I went through a bunch of songs that I transferred from my brother's phone to my sister's new iPod. A song called Knife by a Scottish group named Aztec Camera started to play. I didn't recognize it by the title but as the song played, I realized I did know it. It hit me in such a big way, it stirred such emotion and excitement in me that I immediately started to write this post! When explaining this to my brother, I couldn't even tell him when I heard this song and he was surprised I even knew it. All I could say was it was a long lost song I had buried in my memory somehow and didn't know the title nor artist until that very moment. It was a feeling I can't explain but it was amazing. It was the moment I realized how big of an influence my big brother Ed or as I call him, "Kuya Ed" (Kuya is a Filipino term of endearment meaning older brother) is on me especially with music.

I have fond memories of watching him playing records and DJing while growing up. It's how I gained my knowledge of music from the 70s and 80s. I'm sure that's why my love for DJs and art of DJing is so deep.  


Ear Candy: Sean Armstrong – The Marble Cake Diaries

"Heart of a B-boy, soul of an emcee...thoughts vivid like graffiti landscaped with a MP-C…I knew it was inside of me....I said I knew it was inside of me." – Sean Armstrong, Long Time Coming

On November 19th, DMV based rapper Sean Armstrong released his debut album, The Marble Cake Diaries and just like the title of one of my fave tracks, this was a ‘Long Time Coming’.

Sean is no stranger to this blog as I have posted about him and his music several times. The Marble Cake Diaries includes features from the likes of Tajai of Souls of Mischief and another LV Lair fave, pHoenix Pagliacci. Backed by the head nod worthy work of producers like !llmind, Da Beatminerz and members of the Jamla Records production team, The Soul Council: E. Jones, AMP and Khrysis, Sean Armstrong delivers a solid debut album.

Before I get into my faves on the album, I had the opportunity to ask a few questions to get you more familiar with Sean


Musical Weekend (Part Deux): King & Laura Mvula (Catch Up Post #6)

Part 2 of my musical weekend with Kris and Ann Marie was equally amazing! Seeing Mayer Hawthorne the night before was full of fun and dancing. Our second night out was full of artistry and food for the soul…

I was on a natural high from my Wahlburgers experience and a good dinner with my cousin Jojo when we went to The Mod Club to meet Kris and Ann Marie. That night we were all in for a treat seeing King and Laura Mvula live. This show was one of the main reasons why Kris made the trip up from Detroit. He is a huge fan of King and the ladies did not disappoint!

King consists of Anita Bias and twins, Paris and Amber Strother. I first heard of these ladies from a tweet that Phonte of The Foreign Exchange posted about their music. I purchased their EP, The Story in which all songs were written by all 3 members and fully produced by Paris. I fell in love with their sound. Despite some sound and lighting issues, King put on a great performance! They sound even better live.


Musical Weekend (Part One): Mayer Hawthorne (Catch Up Post #5)

The weekend I went to Wahlburgers was a busy one. A dear friend from Detroit, Kristopher Lamont came to town to spend time with myself & my girl Ann Marie/SoulAfrodisiac and check out a couple of shows.

First up was Mayer Hawthorne. I’m a fairly new fan of his. I heard a song of his while I was in North Carolina at a Cookout in August and liked it. Shortly after I got home from vacation, I got his album ‘Where Does This Door Go?’ and fell in love with it! Then I found out that he had a show the same weekend that Kris was visiting.

The show took place on a Friday night at The Danforth Music Hall and we were treated to an amazing show! Mayer Hawthorne is a pretty awesome performer and he kept the crowd’s energy up.
I only took a few pics and tiny bit of video that I will post here. Mayer also loves to take pictures with the crowd while onstage and posts them on his Instagram account.


4 Years....

I cannot believe 4 years have passed since I lost you...I'm at a loss for words but I couldn't let this day go without showing how much I love and miss you. While it gets a tiny bit easier to deal with as time passes, I still miss you like it was yesterday.
I love you so much, Mama. Continue to rest in peace. Please keep watching over me and visiting me in my dreams.


Wahlburgers In Toronto (Catch Up Post #4)

Okay, so if you've gotten to know me through my blog or on twitter... you'd know that I love Donnie Wahlberg, met him for the 1st time June, had an awesome 'hallway moment' before the M&G then but no pic. Went to the AP at the 2nd Toronto show, thought I was guaranteed to get a pic with him since I had a photo group and even had a bracelet to give to him that was identical to mine and matched his skull belt buckle BUT he had to leave right after the show to go to NYC for Blue Bloods...
In the beginning of September, I find out that Donnie with his brother Paul were going to be in town for an event to celebrate the announcement of their restaurant, Wahlburgers expanding to Toronto. They are hoping to open early 2014. The first 200 people were going to get free burgers. My sister, my cousin Jojo and I went not knowing to expect.
It was raining pretty hard at times and I started hearing girls were leaving to get to the place at 9am! The event didn't even start until 3! We decided we were going to drive by and see how nuts it was; we were expecting the worst. At a little after 1:30, we got to the Metropolitan Soho Hotel downtown and to our surprise, it wasn't bad at all. It was very well organized and security was very nice. The line up outside was very small and partly covered by a tent because of the rain. We were inside within the hour of getting there. I met a bunch of really nice BHs there and traded twitter names so we could keep in touch. Donnie and Paul took pictures with EVERYONE there. When it was my turn, I went up and Donnie pulled me in for a big hug, asking how I was. I said fine, asked how he was then said hi to Paul and hugged him as well then we took our picture. Paul handed me a bag which had a burger (which was pretty fantastic btw!) and a bottle of Aqua Hydrate. I also managed to give Donnie my bracelet! I know I didn't have much time so after we took our pic, I quickly turned to him and said...

Me: Hey, I have something for you...
Donnie: Really?
Me: Yeah, it's a bracelet (giving it to him)
Donnie: Oh wow! Aww, I coulda really used this on tour!
Me: I know! I had it to give to you at the last after party here but you weren't there! (as he put the bracelet on)
Donnie: Aww, don't say that! I still feel bad about that. We're here now though and that's all that matters. Thank you so much! I love you! (hugging me and kissing my cheek)

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