Musical Weekend (Part Deux): King & Laura Mvula (Catch Up Post #6)

Part 2 of my musical weekend with Kris and Ann Marie was equally amazing! Seeing Mayer Hawthorne the night before was full of fun and dancing. Our second night out was full of artistry and food for the soul…

I was on a natural high from my Wahlburgers experience and a good dinner with my cousin Jojo when we went to The Mod Club to meet Kris and Ann Marie. That night we were all in for a treat seeing King and Laura Mvula live. This show was one of the main reasons why Kris made the trip up from Detroit. He is a huge fan of King and the ladies did not disappoint!

King consists of Anita Bias and twins, Paris and Amber Strother. I first heard of these ladies from a tweet that Phonte of The Foreign Exchange posted about their music. I purchased their EP, The Story in which all songs were written by all 3 members and fully produced by Paris. I fell in love with their sound. Despite some sound and lighting issues, King put on a great performance! They sound even better live.

Here’s the lone video I took of King singing their single, In The Meantime…Don't forget to pause on the mp3 player on the bottom left before pressing play!

Up next was Laura Mvula. I have to admit I had only heard of Laura here and there, meaning to look into her music since so many people I know had mentioned her on social media. I didn’t look into her until I knew I was going to see her in concert. Boy oh boy, was I late to the party! Laura Mvula has an incredible voice and I took to her immediately. Seeing her perform live is an experience! She touched my soul so much that I felt emotional when she sang one of my favorites, ‘Sing To The Moon’. I only took one semi clear pic and one extremely short vid for Instagram. I wish I had more to share but I was so captivated by her performance that all I could do was stand there and take it all in. If you’ve never heard of Laura Mvula, I suggest you look into her and see her live if you can.

This show was outstanding. My cousin, Jojo had no knowledge of the artists prior to seeing them that night and enjoyed it as well. That meant a lot to me, I love putting people on to new music.

For more info:
Laura Mvula on Facebook, Twitter and Official Website

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