Random Ramblings Volume 3

I got a phone call at work today from a patient that needed a note faxed over to their workplace. They were giving me the name of the person to put it to attention, last name Hornback (not real name but close). I asked how to spell it just to be sure and they replied with, “Well the first part is Horn…y’know, like on the horse’s head?” I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. I didn’t know horses had horns, did you?
For those who don’t know, I’ve been quite ill lately; hence the lack of entries. I’m very slowly on the mend. Thanks to everyone for their concern. On a side note, it’s amazing how people whom I’ve never met in person made me smile and even if it was very minimal, made me feel better. Honorable mention goes to Darien, Deedra, Davon and Kevin. You are now included in the very small group of people who can make me smile no matter what!
My best friend from high school, Josie recently told me she got engaged!!!! Chris proposed to her while they were vacation in Bordeaux, France. Everyone, say it with me, “Aww, how romantic!” When she called to tell me last Thursday, I had tears in my eyes. Jos, I am truly so happy for you. You deserve every bit of happiness anyone can give you…not that Chris isn’t just anyone! :) Chris, you are a very lucky man but I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that. I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting you once but it was enough to know that you love each other.
Amanda and I were standing waiting for public transport along with my sister one night after having dinner. We spotted someone on a bicycle with their butt crack showing. We were laughing about it and I decided to make a joke saying, “Wow, there’s a full moon out tonight!” Amanda quickly turned to look up at the sky and said, “Really?? Where??” At first, my sister and I thought she was joking too but quickly realized that she wasn’t. I practically fell over my sister in laughter. Gotta love Amanda!!! :)
My boy, Darien is a very talented singer. In fact, I have a couple of his songs playing on this site. He will be releasing his first full length CD this October 6th, entitled Somebody To Love and I am extremely happy for him. So be sure to look out for it and he may be up in Toronto doing a show soon. I’ve taken the opportunity to post 2 things pertaining to him: 1st is a video clip of him performing Come Around. You may recognize the song from this’s my favorite and I love his performance especially the last 40 seconds. Please be sure to pause the mp3 player to the right of this before you watch. 2nd is a picture of his album cover…if you click on it, you should be taken to his myspace page. There you can listen to a new track call Think It Over. Enjoy!


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