Chillin’ On A Saturday Mornin’

It was sometime after 3am when I dropped Darien off at the hotel. He and I were talking about when we could film this video blog we planned for our FB group. We didn’t have the chance to do it before the performance because of the events that happened before the show. We concluded that the only chance we’d have is if we did it in the morning before they check out at noon. Darien’s a morning person, the type to wake up at 6am so I warned him that I’d kick his ass if he called me at that time. He laughed and said that gave him an idea. I responded by telling him my blackberry is turned off overnight and then he shot back, “Ahh, but you forget, Lady…I have your home number!” My sister, Jojo and Amanda all cracked up at us and I couldn’t say anymore.
Out of pure paranoia (lol), I set my blackberry to turn on at 7am. I dreaded it too because I didn’t get to bed til after 4! When it turned on, I reached for my berry half awake. With my eyes barely opened, I looked to see that I didn’t have any missed calls or text msgs from D and went back to sleep. Probably an hour or so later, my eyes popped open, surprised that I hadn’t heard from him. Needless to say, when I did get to talk to him, he was half awake too which is rare. He was thankful that I woke him up!
It was struggle to get going but when we did hook up, we had fun. At first, I had no idea where to take him. We ended up parking on King Street in the theater district in front of the Roy Thompson Hall. After getting some tea at Second Cup, we ended up sitting in the courtyard at Metro Hall. Thank God for a beautiful sunshiny day. Darien and I great time chatting it up for the blog. In a way, I was thankful no one else was around to film so I wouldn’t have to be on camera with him! LOL! A lot of the time, we laughed but I did have the chance to ask him some questions that the members asked. We had trouble with some of them…there was one particular question I had trouble spitting out and there were a few times where D actually looked like he was embarrassed! There were definitely some risqué questions! I won’t go into details because I’ll post them here so you can see for yourself. I did the editing etc...and made it into 2 parts. Part 2 is the one with the more risqué questions and make sure you watch after the credits too! Hope you like enjoy!


  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    D-Brock's funny, lol......... & did I just HEAR Lady Vee???? :-P lol, xox you guys got such good vibes together.........

    Lil'Rasheed Koorael Jemal.........xox

  2. Yeah, you pretty much just hear me in this vid. LOL! It was just Darien and I and I don't have a tripod or anything!
    You do catch a quick glimpse of me towards the end of part 2!


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