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I first got to know The Sol Kidd via twitter earlier this year I believe...or perhaps it was while I was working 9th Wonder's ustream. I just knew him as this kid from Toronto that produces beats...dope. We clicked, he'd play me beats and give me sneak peeks into stuff he was working on and I was impressed. In the midst of all this, he somehow started calling me Auntie...I have no memory as to how this happened! Lol! At first, it made me feel old...hahaha! I got used to it eventually and he's the only person besides blood relatives that can call me that.

Then in April, he was chosen to compete in the Gladiator Beat Battle down in North Carolina that was going to be judged by 9th Wonder and his team of producers, The Soul Council. There was a buzz about him. Everyone wanted to know about this cat from Canada that took an 18 hour bus ride down to NC to compete. So what if he didn't win it, the amount of shine he got and the time he spent in NC gave him even more insight and confidence in what he does. In July, he competed at home at The Battle of the Beat Makers and even though, he didn't win there hasn't stopped him.

I've seen his growth over the last little while and I wanted to share his latest release, The 7 Day Weeknd: Sol Overdose with you. Download it by clicking the cover art above and let me know what you think. Here's a bit of info about it:

As a follow up to his recent August 2011 project, Solplay, Toronto producer Sol’ Kidd hits listeners once again with The 7 Day Weekend: Sol Overdose, an intricate and dynamic mash-up album of The Weeknd’s House of Balloons and Thursday mixtapes. Using The Weeknd’s mixtapes as musical catalysts for this project, Sol’ Kidd has flipped tracks from House of Balloons and Thursday into a captivating album that layers innovative production over already-experimental sounds. While blending an array of acoustic and electric guitars with weighty basslines, Sol’ Kidd vigilantly isolates the lyrical content from the synthesized production constructing a highly organic sound that fosters a sense of electric relaxation. Embracing the distinct and eclectic sounds of The Weeknd's music, Sol’ Kidd’s production on The 7 Day Weekend: Sol Overdose ultimately compliments this soundscape and embarks listeners on a dynamic journey to a melodic overdose.

While you're at it, you can check out more from The Sol Kidd by going to, checking out his youtube channel: or hitting him up on twitter at

Hope you enjoy my nephew's release!! ;-) Congrats, Sol! xo

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  1. Anonymous3:35 PM

    definitely a banger + cool stories too aha


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