Lady's Faves: Mama ~ Jaelle Featuring pHoenix Pagliacci

This song has touched my heart so much, I can barely explain it. As some of you may know, I lost my mother to cancer in 2009 and at times, it's really hard to cope. It was Mother's Day and I anticipated having a heard time with that day as I do when each year passes. I checked my usual social network accounts and found that my good friend, pHoenix Pagliacci posted a song she was featured on by another Toronto talent, Jaelle, entitled Mama.

I hadn't heard of Jaelle until then but as I listened to her lyrics, I instantly related to her. Mama is a tribute to her mother who also lost her battle with cancer. Emotions caught up with me and the tears came as I heard her say lyrics like,
"It's so hard not having you here. I'm still battling through my fears. So sick of all these tears. Wish we had a few more years. You ain't here and it's hard for me but I thank God you're a part of me..."
Then pHoenix comes in with such emotion singing,
"Mama, don't you know i love you in the sun, in the rain and in the snow and mama, don't you know I'll always be your little girl, never let me go. You're the reason why I'm breathing...that I never stop believing..."
It was crazy. The song affected me so much. It may seem foolish to think I'm the only one dealing with this pain and I know I'm not but at times, you do feel no one else understands what your feeling. This song made me feel like I wasn't. It was like the words were written for me.

Thank you, Jaelle...not only because I know how difficult and emotional it must have been to put it together but also, thank you for giving me the comfort I feel every time I hear this song.


  1. Wishing you days of beautiful memories and nights of calming peace, Veezy. Love you, hun.

  2. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Much love, Veezy. We share a scar so in depth that the pain, at times, is unbearable. Been feeling rather abnormally heavyhearted before, during, and currently through our most recent Mother's Day celebration. Indescribable emotions that one can't begin to attempt articulation. All I know is that there is a higher power that consistently delivers her (my mother) to my dreams. Our communication appears so vivid... and I cherish those moments. always have an understanding friend in me...believe that! [Continuous hugs]
    Lennie (EckspanD)


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