Ear Candy ~ The Foreign Exchange Presents +FE Music: The Reworks

I am a huge supporter of The Foreign Exchange...they know that and most of the people who know me, know that. So it should be no surprise that I decided my first music post of 2013 would be about them.

The Reworks was released on February 26th. It is a double album chock-full of remixes from +FE catalogue by producers like 4hero, The Randy Watson Experience (?uestlove and James Poyser of The Roots), Pure P, Sheldon Williams, Zo! and of course, Nicolay. This album is not ALL remixes though. There are 3 new tracks in the mix as well: "Don't Let It Be So", "Love Songs" and the lead single, "So What If It Is".

I swear I'm not being biased when I say I have not stopped listening to this album since I got it. Some may say, 'it's just a remix album' but I feel it's more than that. If someone were to package this without the word "remix" in it, it would be a complete album. This remix album is better than a lot of albums out there...point blank. Yes, there are songs that are just okay but to me, there is not one bad track on here. Even the order of the track listing is great. The vibe flows smoothly taking you through a journey with soulful house, electronica, tribal and Soul flavors all in the mix.

The Foreign Exchange Presents +FE Music: The Reworks is available on Amazon and iTunes now! I opted to get the MP3 download and 2 disc CD package from The Foreign Exchange directly and you can too by clicking here.

Lady's Faves

So What If It Is, Produced by Nicolay
THIS. SONG. RIGHT. HERE! I cannot stop listening to it! This song was given out as a free download weeks before The Reworks was released. It's been a while since I heard a new song and with The Foreign Exchange's diversity, I didn't know what to expect. Would it be more hip hop or Soul in nature? NOPE! From the build up to the beat drop and positive/encouraging lyrics sung by Phonte, this house infused track is a great lead single and a perfect way to start the album.

The Last Fall (Focus... +FE Experience Remix)
The Last Fall is one of my most favorites off of +FE's album Authenticity so I was curious to see if it was possible to make this song even greater than it already was. The answer is yes! Love the urgency to the beat and the change up at 3:28???? Then the Jane Child sample? My goodness! I'm not lying when I tell you I let out a loud "Woooooo!" and was bobbing my head real hard when I first heard this!

Sweet Love by Jeanne Jolly (Nicolay Remix) 
I absolutely love the vibe of this one! It's a comforting vibe, like a comfy/cozy feeling of being in love or in the arms of the one you love. Jeanne Jolly's voice is liquid gold in the original of this song but it seems like the production in the remix managed to enhance her voice even more. Lovely...just lovely.

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