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So I went out on a date a few weeks ago. Things went well, I suppose other than my usual shyness everything was cool. Weve been talking practically every day ever since. Weve been really getting to know each other and things have been good. Now this passed weekend, I was upset about something (people who know me..know that Ive been going through a lot lately. He knew this too.) and was talking to him about it. As I was letting out some frustration, he interrupted me and proceeded to ask me, Tell me somethingis Aunt Flow visiting right now? Now for those who have no clue what he meant, he was basically asking if I was on my menstrual cycle because I was so upset. I was insulted by that and was quiet for a minute before telling him I had to go and I hung up. We were both on MSN at the time so he messages me and asked me what was wrong. I told him that what he said was probably one of the most insensitive things Ive ever heard and not something he should be asking. I also added that I was not on or anywhere near being my period. All he said was, Well, I was just speaking from experience. Was I being rude? I told him yes. I dunno whyI dont think anyone I know would find that I was being rude. Isnt it a possibility that a woman can be more crabby and emotional around that time of the month? he asked and I said yes but I also stated that it isnt always the case and people shouldnt always assume that.

My question to yall out there is: Was it or was it not rude???

This, among other things, has pretty much turned me off of this guy. I feel like I wasnt misjudging him. Ive told my sister and some friends, both male and female, and they all agree with me. Its not like I was attacking him when he asked me that but I guess I just need some confirmation from people that may not be biased towards me.


  1. Deedra1:11 AM

    The one thing I can say about manners is that it is all at the discretion of the person being wronged. The statement he made was very rude, as there are other more sensitive ways to approach such a subject. I have had men ask me that question and I had no problem with it because we had been in relationship for at least a year. A dude you just met, and are just getting to know, could have kept that to himself.

    Hope this helps. If you want to talk about it e-mail me your number and I will call you.

  2. That was funny. That was the first time I heard that term. Joanne thought is was funny too. We just had the biggest laugh - with tears. First, we thought "Who the hell is Aunt Flow?" and then we read on.

    Yes, that guy was rude. No decent guy would ever ask that question to a girl he hardly knows. Move on.


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