Sensitivity Or Lack Thereof~Originally Posted on myspace:05/03/06

So I'm at work today(for those who dont know, I work as a medical secretary)and a lady in her late 80s or so approached my desk with a magazine in hand. She showed me a picture of the Chinese actress, Ziyi Zhang (she was in Rush Hour 2, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Memoires of a Geisha. To see what she looks like, ).

Anyway, she shows me the picture and says, "See, if you put your mind to it and lost weight, you'd look like her...a gorgeous Chinese lady. Look at her, isn't she beautiful?" Without saying anything, I just smiled and nodded. "How long do you think it would take you to look like that?" she asked me and told her I wasn't sure.

I took a little offense to it. I can't really explain how I felt about it except by saying that it kinda hurt. First, I'm not Chinese, I'm Filipino but whatever...that doesn't bother me because some don't know any better...not that there's anything wrong with being Chinese. Second, I'm sure y'all have seen my pictures on the myspace profile and I am, by far, not a skinny girl. I've always been a bit big and very tall. Although I have to admit that it has taken me awhile to be comfortable with the way I'm built and to this day I can't tell you that I'm absolutely comfortable but I will say that I'm content with myself. I feel that there's always room for improvement but I'm fine with the way I am now. I've had to create my self confidence and a positive self image when I had none to speak of. I just got a little irritated, not necessarily with the lil old lady but upset with the way some people think. That's why felt to write this blog. People come in all sorts of shapes and sizes whether it is because of genetics or the way they take care of themselves or not take care of themselves. I could only just imagine if I had the really poor self image, lack of self confidence that I had years ago and that lady approached me the same way she did today. I would've been totally distraught and upset; probably to the point of tears.

I suppose my point is, which actually applies to my last blog entry as well: Please think before you speak and be a little more sensitive because you never know how what youre saying will affect that person you say it to.

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  1. Deedra1:10 AM

    Girl let me tell you I feel you 150%. Truth be told every dude I've been with have been attracted to the full voluptous bootyliousness that is plus size me! Let her comments roll like water. My co-worker is always touting herself as this super healthy person, and attempts to condensend toward the bigger people constantly chanting "It's only food". I have stopped listening to her and chalked her up to old, bitter and LONELY!

    The old chick probably feels it is her last duty before she kicks it to speak her mind. Girl she'll think about what she said later tonight while sipping on her Geritol and doing "Sit and Be Fit" exercises!


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