Weekend June 24th & 25th...

Wow, I had a crazy's the synopsis:

Saturday, June 24th, 2006... 8TH ANNUAL ALL WHITE AFFAIR!!

So my girl Big L's been trying to get me to go this party for, I think, the passed 5 years, give or take. I never wanted to go cuz of one main thing...the dress code! No, it's not cuz I don't wanna dress up....Wayne Warner (the promoter) has a dress code of ALL WHITE!! I do not have a single article of clothing in my wardrobe that is white, wasn't willing to buy any either cuz I had it cemented in my mind that white makes everything look HUGE! Now you know I ain't no tooth pick so you can imagine my horror! I don't know what it was about this year but I actually agreed. I went all out too...bought new clothes, shoes, undergarments and a purse! I had to! I had nothing and I mean nothing that was white! So I dressed up and had to admit that I looked pretty decent! I was totally surprised! My confidence was pretty high especially when I met L and she was totally biggin' me up. Had me blushing with the compliments and I tried to brush it off. The place was packed, my boy Ty threw it down on the 1s and 2s, the men were pretty handsome and there were tons of outfits to make fun of too! LoL!

For all those wondering, naw, I didn't meet anyone. I had my eye on some but you know me, all shy and shit! *SIGH!* Oh well...I did have a great time!

I always thought the only time I would wear all white was my wedding day, guess I was wrong!

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

I had a actually started the night b4 when I was driving home from the white affair. No, it wasn't was actually my bad eating habit (no dinner) that night. I actually had some visual disturbance so I had to pull over for a bit. Luckily, I was able to get a hold of L to keep me company on the phone while it calmed down. I got home and while in the shower, my head felt like it exploded into a million pieces. I felt weak and thought I was gonna pass out (which has happened before)..thank goodness I was done my shower so I changed and went to bed...wet hair and all...I did not give a shit.

I must have passed out cuz next thing I know, I opened my eyes and it was 1:30! My head was still pounding but I had to get myself together cuz it was my niece, Selena's 8th birthday party! I love this lil' girl to pieces! She was having her party at a dance studio which I thought was the coolest thing. Even though I wasn't 100%, it was worth it especially when I first arrived at the studio. As soon as she saw me, she ran over with her sparkling blue eyes all wide and gave me a huge hug that almost knocked me over! Selena and a bunch of her friends played games and then eventually were taught a small routine by some instructors. After pizza and cake, they all got together and performed for all the adults. It was the cutest thing ever! L and I could not stop giggling and saying how cute the kids were.

Overall, the day was decent. I wanted to hang with L after the party but I knew I'd be pushing myself too much because of the way I I didn't.

I feel better today but still about 70% so I PLAN to sleep early tonight...that is the key word: PLAN!

I will attempt to post pics on here...hope it works... If it does work, you should see Selena & I, Selena & L, Selena & friends dancing, my brother Ed, girlfriend Angela (Selena's mom) & Selena and lastly, Selena & her friends with her cake.

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  1. Those are awesome pictures. Thanks lady. Those dances looked great.


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