WTF??? It's on my face?????

So I'm on my Yahoo messenger today and some guy just decides to message me. I don't know this dude...I guess he just found me through the members directory while he was looking for someone to talk to. Here's the convo....(changed his name):

Him: u into blackguys?
Me: i have a preference...why?
Him: cuz u look like it
Me: how?
Him: i can tell from ur face kind of
Me: how can u tell from my face???
Him: its obvious u know
Me: whatever
Him: haha
Him: what ?
Me: i don't understand how it's obvious
Him: cuz... like
Him: i mean some girls its obvious if they are black washed kind of
Him: u know
Me: yeah okay sure...
Me: i'll take ur word for it
Him: k kool
Me: how did u find me anyway?
Him: ur name is yahoo name is tall_ass_pinay....
Him: sounded interesting
Me: i see
Him: yep
Me: tell me about u
Him: i am 6'3 spanish and arab mix
Me: so if u thought i was into black guys why did decide to talk to me
Him: i just wanted to know/confirm
Him u never know u know?
Me: uh huh
Me: i still don't get how i 'look' that way
Me: but whatever
Him: its on the face
Him: i mean is it wrong that u r not into them ?
Me: no ur not wrong but i don't get how its on my face..
Him: it just is


WTF?? I don't get it, do u??? I mean some of you will be biased cuz you know me but, how can someone tell from just my face??????? For all those who are's the link to my yahoo profile...which is the pic he saw:

I dunno, do YOU see it in my face?? Ugh, dude had me all pissed! I put him on my ignore list, by the way!


  1. heeeeey my lady vee!!! how is ur throat ??? i hope u got tha pinapple out .. thoses things are very very sneaky - lmao!!!and apperently very very dangerous too! lol (INSIDER!!!) wow that guy confuzzled me as much as he did u, ppl are soo strange today they just walk up and talk about random things thats really they should not care about! .. well thats onli cuz they have no life so they try to get all hyped up about someone else's lol!!!
    sooo how was work today ?? did u miss me those two hours that i was gone?... well ill be there friday with the white purse lol and i have some good stories i have to tell u ... but they have to be face to face lol so much funnier that way!
    .......oh yeah! BUTTONS!!!! lol .. see what i mean nothing better to say so the randomness starts to appear.. but onli in ppl that have no life.. with the exception of me .. cuz we al know i have a life lol... well we will just pertend ne ways lol!!
    well girly girl i love ya lots have a good day tomorro and see u friday ..keep up the good work on ur sites :D- Jail Bait x0x0

  2. I guess that guy has a "gift" of seeing something on your face that says ur into black guys....problem is he couldn't explain his "gift". I think that he just took a wild guess and he opened his mouth and realized that he was pushing his feet deeper into his mouth. silly and stupid!!!!

  3. dont think its your face. its your profile. read it.

  4. True, Boogi...he can tell from reading my interests on my profile...besides he said it's on my face.

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