A Dedication to Papa. Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there...I just wanted to share a little story about my dad...or as we call him Papa.
I am the youngest of 3 children. My parents came to Canada from the Philippines in 1974. I am their only Canadian born child. They had the aid of nannies and relatives in raising my brother and sister so in all reality, I am the only one they raised on their own. I wanted to tell you about my papa and one of my favorite stories about him.

All throughout school, I was taking music…I was either in a school band, choir or various musicals. In Grade 6, I took up trumpet in the school band. I was scheduled to have my first solo and was very proud. In those days, my dad worked nights and was hardly ever available to see me perform because of work. When I found out that we were to have 2 performances, one during the day and one at night and parents were welcome to come at either show…I jumped at the chance and told my father. He agreed to come and I was so happy! The day finally came and we were backstage getting ready to go on. I always took the chance to peek into the gym to see if my father had arrived and I spotted him just as one of the teachers was giving him a seat. I didn’t find out until years later that my father was the only parent there! The teachers were so caught off guard that he showed up that they immediately ran to grab him a chair and even offered him coffee. He was a little embarrassed about that because he sat alone in a chair, surrounded by kids sitting on the gym floor. Regardless of all that, I didn’t know a thing! When I stepped out for my performance, all I remember is being so happy and proud that he was there. I was waving at him constantly. When all was done, I gave him a kiss and hug and he told me how proud he was of me then left to go to sleep before going to work.

I used to be embarrassed of this story, especially when my parents used to tell it at every family gathering or to their friends but now, I’m proud. I’m proud that my dad did that for me because I remember how much it meant to me. I’m 30 now and he’s turning 75 this year. Lots of things have changed...his health hasn’t been the greatest. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer late last year and currently going through radiation therapy. He’s always been the strong, silent type. No matter how bad he feels, he always manages to keep his spirits up and rarely strays from his regular routine. The tables are basically turned now and I wish for the chance to share with this you to help me show how proud I am of him for being as strong as he is. I only hope that I make him feel as proud as I felt that day back in Grade 6.


  1. Anonymous11:53 PM

    What a sweet story....
    I hope ur father is well..

  2. VEEEE! I totally forgot you played the trumpet in elementary school. I played the clarinet.

    Girl, we should meet up and have lunch one day.

    Yup, you sure are lucky you weren't that split 4 and 5 class. hehehehe !!!!!


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