Tears??? WTF??

So I'm online right now with my girl, Amanda who is my fave. employee in the whole wide world (it helps that she's the only one! LoL!). I'm tellin' you this doll is like the lil' sister I never had...anyway, we talk ALOT about music and I've been showing her some of the music I listen to back in the day to educate...she's gonna be 19 in Oct. Over time we've talked a lot about what I've been through blah blah and one of those subjects is about my ex and how we talked about marriage plenty of times. I told her we even had our wedding song picked out...we were going to use All My Life by K-Ci and JoJo but it was wayyy too over used because it was really popular when we were together. We decided on a song called You by Jesse Powell (if you don't know it, download's realllyy sweet.) anyway, she wanted to hear it so I get it and send it to her. When I did that, I decided to listen to it since it had been sooo long since I heard it. Wow, all of a sudden my chest started to feel heavy and I got emotional! I wasn't ballin' my eyes out...not at all...just a few stray tears just streaked my face. I was like, What the Fuck??? I was way over my ex as it has been years since we'd been together and I didn't want him back. It took me a while to get over him and now we consider each other friends, nothing more, nothing less.

Man, I guess there's no explaining it. All I can say is perhaps I miss not necessarily him but what we had.

OH WELL! I feel a bit better now that I wrote this...*SIGH* writing can be such therapy.

Side Note: My fave. American Soldier, Davon, just popped online. He's in Iraq right now..been there since Oct...trying to keep his head straight and pressin' on. He just remembered to tell me he just got promoted!!!! Congrats to Sergeant Davon Minor!! I'm so proud of you and I pray for your safety everyday until you return. Luv ya, Gizmo!
(Yes, that's a nickname I call him...don't ask cuz I won't tell! LOL!)

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  1. Anonymous4:33 PM

    yoda boo,
    girl imma gitchu fo given me all that praise lol but i truly appreciate it tho. man one thing i gotta tell yall.vee is the most wonderful person i know, shes been there for me many times and i miss her like crazy. i would say she truly is my best friend. and im commin to CA when i get the chance boo

    love you always



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