Random Ramblings Volume 4

It’s official! I am taking the next few days off and I‘m really looking forward to it! I don’t have any real plans except for going for lunch with a few people and I’m taking my cousin who turned 30 last week, out to dinner. The time off is really coming at a good time because I feel extremely drained at this point. I think I really stretched it. The good thing is that it’s Thanksgiving weekend here so it will be like being off a week!

My boy, Darien Brockington’s CD is due out for release in stores October 17th and is available as of October 3rd on iTunes! He let me know that anyone is able to preview to the entire album online. Here’s the link: Somebody To Love. Anyone who has love/appreciation for true soulful R&B music will truly enjoy it. I’ve been listening to it non stop from beginning to end! Rarely do I get a CD that I listen to like that. I usually end up skipping through tracks but this album is a masterpiece and I’m not just saying that because I know him! Yep, we still keep in touch since the day we met. He’s doing a few shows in the US right now and I’m trying to get him to come up here. When he does, you best believe that I will be telling everyone to come out!

Big UPS!: A very happy, happy to all the folks I know that had birthdays this passed month: Love to my girl, Deedra (Sept 26), my cousin, Jojo (Sept 28), my boys Ugo(Sept 4), Shawn (Sept 7) and of course, Darien (Sept 14) as well! May you have many, many more to come! Big ups also goes to my girl, L-Boogi who’s moving on to bigger and brighter things as she changes jobs! Good luck even though I know in my heart, you don’t really need it! ;o)

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  1. Thanks for the birthday love lady. You are the best! You know it. Well enjoy the upcoming days off. I can't wait for Darien's CD to hit stores so I can support him. He does have a smoove voice! Stay up girlfriend. One love. Deedra D ~joenkobema~


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