Bumming Around

Yep, that’s what I did the few days I was off last week. It was just what I needed. I managed to sleep in here and there which is really good considering my sleeping habits lately were pretty terrible. Wednesday, I didn’t do much at all. I ran some errands then lazed around. My boss called me a few times but it was that bad. He was quite apologetic when he called but he did have a few questions for me that only I would know the answer too. Thursday was busy. First I went out to lunch with my sister in law, Angela, sister, Carm and her friend from work that I’m cool with, Sharon. We went to a Caribbean Restaurant called Sunrise…Mmmm! Not as great as homemade but it satisfied my craving for island food! After lunch, I did some errands and a bit of shopping in order to pass time until I had to pick up my cousin, Jojo for dinner. We were celebrating her birthday which was the week before. Jojo and I don’t get together much cuz we live on opposite sides of the city so we had fun at dinner. After that, I went to see Amanda who was so cute cuz she called and said that she missed ‘her Lady Vee’. I missed her too…hey, we see each other practically every day at work…it was weird not hanging around her. While Amanda and I were out for coffee, one of my boys, TB, met up with us for a bit. After awhile L-Boogi called and we decided to go party. It was funny cuz when we went to the place we planned to go to we found out it was shut down! In my mind, I was like, “Wow, we’re outta the loop! Damn, I’m old!” LoL! We walked around the corner to Fluid Lounge, a place we used to frequent back in the day. We bumped into a bouncer we knew and he let us in for free. We had a decent time there and I must admit that I danced a lil’ more than usual. We had a downer while we were there though. I ran into one of my patients, Kurwin who I’m pretty cool with and his boy, Dennis. Seeing them wasn’t the downer. Dennis was a bouncer that we knew and used to see a lot when we used to frequent Seven Lounge. Earlier in the year, I found out through a patient who is a cop that there was a shooting there. I felt nauseated when I found out because we knew a lot of the people that worked there. I never did find out who it was…until Thursday. It was Dennis. The poor man was shot a total of 8 times from his abdomen down to his thigh! I believe he told Linh that he now has a metal rod in his thigh and a metal plate in his hip! Not only that, the mutherfucker that shot him only got 9 years. A friend that took law enforcement in school said the guy would probably be out in 3! I was in shock! Dennis looked good considering but from that night on, I prayed for his strength and recovery. Bouncers are way under paid for what they are faced with…especially nowadays.

All in all, everything was good. I’m back at work and I feel refreshed, relaxed, not as stressed as I was before. I came in Tuesday expecting a pile of work for me to catch up on but there wasn’t much. When my boss came in, he smiled and I think I heard a bit of a sigh of relief! I was actually questioning whether I should start to consider changing jobs before I arranged any time off because I was so miserable. I think I’ll stay awhile longer.

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