Sweet 19 And Now She’s A Queen!

Amanda’s been working part time with me since April. Since then, we’ve gotten quite close. We’re like sisters…in fact, that’s what we call each other. It’s great because I know have the little sister I always wanted. She turned 19 on October 12…for those of you who are non-Canadian…19 is the legal age for drinking/clubbing out here! It fell on a Thursday. Her mom threw a birthday party for her at a local pub and my lil’ sister got wasted! So wasted that she did not go to school or work the next day! Hey, you only turned 19 once! I plan to take her to her first night club soon. We were supposed to go out this passed week but she wasn’t feeling well…no, it wasn’t a hang over! LoL! At least I don’t think it was! :)

Just wanted to dedicate an entry to her cuz she is just that special to me! I made a montage of Amanda and I a little while ago…I wanted to share it. There’s background music so I suggest to pause or stop the mp3 player on the top right of this site. The song I chose is Best Friend by Brandy…if you listen to the lyrics, you’ll know why I chose it!

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