Mission Impossible?

Tuesday, October 17 was the set release date of Darien Brockington’s debut CD entitled Somebody To Love. As some people know, Tuesday is one of the longest days in my work week. I work practically 12 hours. When my alarm went off, I laid in my bed thinking about my day before I got up: go to the office, work my long ass shift and run downtown to get the CD. I finally got up and looked out the window. It was pouring rain outside and didn’t stop not once that day! If you remember back in September when I met D, it was pouring shit ass rain due to a hurricane! What is it with rain and Darien! I actually even wrote him about it and he laughed his ass off at me!

So I went to the HMV Superstore right smack downtown, figuring if anyone were to have it, they’d have it for sure. WRONG! I roamed into the R&B section, looking around and found nothing! I approached the guy who worked there…who was pretty handsome…and told him I was looking for a CD that was supposed to be released. “What genre?” he asked and I told him Soul/R&B. He smiled and said, “Let me guess, Darien Brockington, right?” I was pleasantly surprised when he told me a few people have already been in asking about it but unfortunately, the CDs hadn’t arrived yet. I was a little disappointed but when I got home, I found out what happened. D posted a blog on his myspace stating that the distribution company screwed up and sent out the units just the Friday before so the CDs wouldn’t get to the shelves until the day after. The other thing I didn’t realize is that the preview site the label had set up to listen to the album before release crashed due to all the hits he was getting! All I could say was WOW! He also stated that sales were doing pretty well with the CD being available on iTunes and presale orders. When I wrote D about my ordeal, he was so excited about people asking about the album! He was so cute...typing in all caps! LoL! I promised him that I’d check on Thursday again since I work really late on Wednesdays.

Thursday, I walked in and the same guy was working there again. As soon as he saw me, he smiled, waved and pointed to a shelf. There it was right next to Diddy, Monica and whoever else that had CDs released recently. I was also happy to report that the shelf wasn’t totally full which means a number of them had already been sold!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Now, if only I can get his butt up here for a show….

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  1. Great read Vee. Loved it! Glad you got that why didn't you flirt with the cute record store clerk? :o)


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