Random Ramblings Volume 5

Why is it that I only feel the urge to write when I’m at work? For those who don’t know, I’ve been writing poetry, stories/novels off and on since grade school. Back in April when I first got my computer, I thought it would be great because I could sit in the comfort of home and just write! Now, I don’t think I’ve written anything at home except emails! Even as we speak, I’m writing this at my desk and plan to save it on a disk then cut and paste it to my blog! Has myspace and really gotten me in this respect? I mean, I’m not an addict but I am on a lot! It’s crazy!

In keeping with the subject of computers: With all the scary things you hear about the internet with identity theft, predators looking for prey, dating website horror stories and such, I’m thankful for the internet. Thankful because we are able to connect to my cousins in the Philippines. Since I’ve gotten the computer, I’ve managed to chat with and video converse with cousins that I’ve never seen or spoken to before. I’ve met people who sometimes are better friends than some people I know that live in the same city. This paragraph is dedicated to you especially: Deedra (TX), Leo AKA Davon (VA), LRS AKA Sinro (IL), Jacquie AKA Mocca (TX), OJ (CA), Sean (CA) and Nancy (SC). Without the internet, I wouldn’t discover new music or looked into hard to find/hear artists like Little Brother, Nicolay, Liquid Spirits and United Soul to name a few. Lastly, without the internet I wouldn’t have met someone who I consider one of my favorite singers in the whole world: Darien Brockington! (I know you knew I was going to say him! LoL!) Notice I said I wouldn’t have MET him. Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if I did have the guts to talk to him back in February when I saw him. I probably wouldn’t have joined myspace (well, maybe eventually) which made him go from ‘some great singer I saw in concert’ to him calling me “his girl for life”!

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  1. joenkobema Deedra5:00 PM

    And I know I"m glad to have met you too Vee. It has been nothing but love.


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