Damn, Damn, Damn! Misunderstandings Suck Ass!!

It’s taken a week to actually write this. I’ve been thinking about this mentally since last Wednesday but the situation has finally settled in…

About 2 weeks ago, my new found friend, Nancy in South Carolina told me that Darien Brockington would be performing in Atlanta on November 18th which was about a 2 ½ hour drive for her and asked me if I could come. This wasn’t the first time I tried to travel to see him. I almost went to Detroit about a month ago but couldn’t find anyone to go with me. Nancy made it even more tempting for me by saying that she would meet me at the airport and find us a place to stay which she did. I got a little discouraged when I looked up flights to ATL…I didn’t know it would be that much! The cheapest I could find was $446 CAN. Then I remembered that I was promised a bonus at work and my boss told me that I would be getting it this month. I thought, “Hmm, it is a bonus so it’s not taking away from my budget or anything. It’s just a treat for me and besides I need to get away, even if it is for a weekend.” I then told Nancy that I would make moves to make this happen and we were getting quite excited (Perhaps that’s a lil’ of an understatement, huh, Nancy? LoL! Didn’t know how else to put it!). We even thought it would be great if I didn’t tell Darien so I could surprise him. I told Monty, his manager and he said it was a great idea. Last Thursday was when I was planning to go to a travel agent to book my flight so Wednesday night while my boss drove me half way home as usual, I reminded him about getting the cheque for me. “Sure, I’ll give you the $200 first thing tomorrow.” He said. I nearly choked and said, “200 dollars?” I was actually expecting nearly triple that. After some discussion, we realized that there was a misunderstanding. I was devastated! My boss felt bad too because he knew my plans and he kept apologizing. The rest of the ride was silent. I was totally upset but held it in as much as possible because I didn’t want him to feel worse. Before he dropped me off, he said he would give me the cheque regardless and I told him no, to save it for me as I wouldn’t be needing it right now and I’ll ask for it when I do.

Besides the initial excitement of meeting Nancy, seeing Darien and all that, I had a lot more riding on this trip. This was the first time I was doing something spur of the moment and it was actually going to work itself out…or so I thought. I was so proud of myself of thinking everything through so that there were no loop holes. Because I’ve never done this before, my parents almost brought me down about the whole thing but, not intentionally. They kept asking about why am I going, can I afford it, are you going to be safe etc…but, with every question they asked, I had a well thought out answer. The thought of even telling them my plans fell through especially for the reasons they did, churned my stomach so much because I knew it would turn into a ‘I told you so’ session. I haven’t even told them…not even ‘til this day. It was hard enough for me to tell Nancy and Monty. I couldn’t even write about this until now! Ugh, I guess I’ll figure something out eventually.

Come this Saturday, I’ll probably be in a depressive mood so those who know me, call or email me! That’ll cheer me up a bit. I think I’m going to get my hair cut or something to lighten my mood too! Doing something for myself always made me feel better.


  1. Deedra5:04 PM

    Awwww Vee! I'm so sorry. I wish it had worked out for you.

  2. VEE!
    That Darien is like the Polkaroo. "DAMN, I missed him again....?????...."

    But, just remember, you did get to see him live and in person - something I'm sure his lady fans would envy!


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