Random Rambling Volume 7.5 ~ Looky, looky!!

I have this weird talent...a new album comes out...I listen to it a few times and I usually gravitate to 1 or 2 particular songs (not the main single that everyone knows) that I end up loving and for some reason, 8 times out of 10, it's the artist's next single!!
Well, guess what????? I did it again! I was on youtube and was watching the video for Joe's first single off his new album...and noticed that there's a video for Where You At which is the song I've been jamming to real hard's the song that's on my mp3 player here right now.

Anyway, I just wanted to post sure to pause the mp3 player to the right b4 you play it!

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  1. Deedra D ~joenkobema~10:48 PM

    Okay girl. You not just iCandi, girl now you earCandy too. That's a hot track. Girl you really can pick them!!!! Gawn girl. PS>>>Hope you are havin' a hella good time for your birthday!!!


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