Change Within Me ~~~ Written 11/09/07

I feel a change within me
Far from how I was before
Had some people close around me
To help me along the way

Used to feel unbelievably low
Used to hang out with people that brought me down
Used to not be able to look in a mirror
Used to think I could never get out from under the cloud that was over me

Pushed those feelings aside as much as I could
Changed up my circle of friends
Took better care of myself
Then there were more sunny days

More confident but the shyness is still in me
Keeping my feet planted on the ground
To get around the shy times
I back myself in a corner so I have no choice but to assert myself

Sometimes I surprise myself
With what I say or what I push myself to do
Pride creeping in slowly
To keep doing what I do

I guess it’s working, I feel it inside
People are starting to notice me when I used to feel invisible
I’m still shocked that certain folks remember me, are impressed by me
I’m starting to really like this change within me

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