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I've gotten back into writing poetry this year and I just realized that I haven't posted the following 3 poems so here I go:

Lady In The Mirror (written Sept 20/07)

Full of doubt, shyness and lack of self esteem but managed to pull through somehow
Looking for love in all the wrong places and didn’t realize until now

Heartbreaks and heartaches, struggles and strife, learning from experiences over the years
Losing touch with and obtaining new friends, sharing good times, laughter and tears

Who was it that I saw in the mirror then? No one cuz sometimes I hated to look years ago
When I did, I saw so much depression and self dislike. That’s why I didn’t, I felt so low

That was the past and now it’s the present
I’m a different person today but my transformation wasn’t very pleasant

Obtaining love for self was difficult and coming out of my shell was hard
The process seemed very challenging to let down my guard

Looking at the lady in the mirror now and who do I see?
Someone who’s stronger and more confident, it’s me!

Crush (written Aug 31/07)

You’re a great person but you’re also a fantasy to me
I have a crush on you and I don’t know what to do
Every time I think of you I smile
Sometimes when I’m low, thoughts of you keep me going
You seem so far away to me, out of my reach, out of my league
What you do captivates me like no other
When I see you, I’m mesmerized by you
In awe of you, amazed by you
You intrigue me, make me wonder what it would be like to be with you
You know I’m there, never ignore me and always smile when you see me
It feels good to communicate with you, be near you and in your arms
Shyness gets in my way when I talk to you or see you
I’m afraid to say how I feel, afraid that it’ll ruin where we are now
Worried that I’ll get turned away or shut down
So I’m just here, always in your corner, thinking of you, supporting you
And until I have the courage tell you, I’ll just enjoy my crush on you

Lonely Girl (written Aug/31/07)

Hey there, lonely girl
Hiding behind your smile
Pretending everything is alright, ignoring your sad heart

Hey there, lonely girl
Struggling to be okay
Crying when alone, wishing to be in someone’s hold

Hey there, lonely girl
Worrying your pretty little head
Wondering how to cope, sometimes thinking there’s no hope

Hey there, lonely girl
Just barely getting by
Trying to do what’s right, keeping everything inside

Hey there, lonely girl
Doing what she can
Often overlooking herself, making sure loved ones are okay

Hey there, lonely girl
Keep your head up high
Know that there are people that care for you and think of you all the time

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  1. Aren't these all on your facebook? I know I haven't been by in a while, but I just got my "favorites" back when I got my home internet back. :)

    Love ya sis. Loved these when you posted them on facebook. Keep growing and going sistah.


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