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Trust me, I am no big deal. I’m just a music lover. When I find a sound I love, I roll with it and tell anyone that would listen about it. That’s how it all started. I saw Darien Brockington perform and fell in love with his voice (yeah, just his voice! Lol!). I seeked him out and eventually developed a friendship with him. As I got acquainted with his music catalogue, I started to tell people about him especially when his album came out. Time went on and everyone who knew me, knew about Darien’s music. I even managed to get him some radio play out here. Some time in April, with Darien and his manager, Monty’s okay, I started the official Darien Brockington group on Facebook. This is where everything started to jump off for me. I began meeting more people, fans and networked with DJs and promoters. Some came up to me while I was at a neo soul show featuring Eric Roberson, recognizing me as the group’s leader and thanked me for starting it, saying that more people need to know about him. The same thing happened when I saw Darien and Little Brother perform in Toronto in July.

In September, I met Jorge through my group on Facebook. He runs Nuground Music which helps promote independent artists and in fact, he had helped promote Darien’s album by developing a mixtape with him. By October, I was helping him promote an in store appearance that he arranged for Little Brother at the beginning of their Get Back tour which also featured Darien. When the tour touched down in Toronto, D took me aside to talk some business that he needed my help with. I was totally floored by his request at first but it gave me a boost. Honestly, I was nervous because up until that point I was doing everything on my own accord and this time I was asked to do something specifically. Eventually, I took it as a compliment and a sign of respect of all the work I’ve done. Darien and I speak on a regular basis now and I’ve given him a lot of leads, info and ideas that he’s been quite appreciative of. My goal is actually to get him a show of his own in Toronto and we’ve gotten inquiries about that so we’ll see what the New Year brings.

Now, I officially help run 4 groups on FB and there are more projects coming. The first one, of course, is Darien’s group which has close to 200 members. Secondly, I’m doing admin for which is an amazing site that a mutual friend of mine and Darien’s runs, Vonnie. I was totally thrilled when she asked me to help because her site ( has a huge following and currently the group is thriving quickly with over 300 members to date. The other groups were formulated through Jorge and I’ve done most of the admin. He introduced me to Daru (, his sister Rena ( and Reggie B ( are very talented artists/producers that I’m working closely with. Daru & Rena’s group is officially launched and Jorge and I have been working to create a buzz for them. Reggie’s group won’t probably be launched until the New Year because I’m still working on it. They’ve been fun to work with so far and are all very sweet.

I’m still in awe of all this but I’m excited. I look forward to see where all this takes me. People have told me that I have a way words and that I’m personable…I suppose I never really listened or paid any attention until now. Seeing all the things that have developed over the last 2 years can only be attributed to God’s blessings and for that I am thankful.

Watch out, world! Lady Vee’s comin’ thru! LoL!

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  1. awww rusic and reggibplaneth didn't work for myspace :(

    Aaaah anyway stay on your grind valentine. ;)


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