Big Things Happening!!

So in my previous post, I told you what I've been up I can show you the fruits of my labor!!!!

I mentioned that I'm working with Daru & Rena. (I have one of their songs featured on my mp3 player on the right hand side.) Some time in December I passed on music and info to my good friend, Vonnie of She told me that she really loved what she heard and mentioned that perhaps in the New Year, she'll talk about doing a piece on them. Low and behold, 2008 came and Daru was approached by Vonnie to inquire about arranging an interview. Before I knew it, the interview was done and it was just posted on the site yesterday! The interview is getting great revues and there's a buzz in the air about much that Daru's email is blowing up with people wanting interviews or wanting to work with them!

I am so extremely proud of this and was sooooooo happy/hyper about it! Not only that...I am mentioned twice in the interview...once in the beginning and the other was toward the end. I was totally floored!

Big shoutouts to:
Vonnie, I'm honored to call you a friend. Thanks for being you and for all that you do!
Rena, May more and more people fall in love with your angelic voice like I did!
Daru, Who would've thought seeing each other in passing at the Slum Village show would turn into something great!!
Jorge, Yes, I know you might trip because I mentioned you last but I don't care! LoL! Thanks for your encouragement & believing in me.

Click on the image below to take you to the interview page and look at the bottom of Daru & Rena's write up and press play!


  1. renasongs5:20 PM

    WOW!!! VEE What an awesome blog!!! Thank you sooooo much for your love...I have a huge smile on my from Michigan to Toronto lol...YOU ROCK VEE!!!!!So exciting, you're an extremely talented woman, so happy to have you on our team!!!! speak soon, smile ~rena~

  2. Girl, your excitement is exciting me....all this time later lol. I've always believed that once you share love openly, you get it back in return. This is just a manifestation of what you do.
    Thanks for being you,


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