My Vows

Lately, I have not been taking care of myself. For the last month, I’ve been averaging anywhere from 0-4 hours of sleep per night. My energy is low, I’m grumpy and snappy at times and overall, I’ve been feeling like crap. At first, I blamed it on still recovering from being sick for almost the whole month of May. Things have been crazy busy with Foreign Exchange being in Toronto for a show and Darien and I filmed the interview…more on that later. I just wanted to get stuff done…the video editing, stuff for the facebook group and other things that I keep going and lose track of time. I also haven’t been blogging like I should be! I’ve also been in a “funk” the last little while so it’s taking me longer to do things because of lack of motivation and have been quite anti-social. I won’t go into why I’m down but it’s a combination of things and I recognize them all. I’m working to fight through it and this is my first step…posting it here so I have it writing! Lol

  1. As of last night, I vowed to myself that I will get the rest that I need. I know that I’m on the verge of burn out so I plan to go to sleep no later than 1am rather than 3, 4, 5 or 6am like I’ve been doing.
  2. I plan to get back on my vitamins/supplements. I did take them for a long while and actually felt pretty decent about it. Then I started forgetting to take them eventually forgetting to take them at all.
  3. Lastly, I need to force myself to get things moving. I need to find the motivation and determination to do certain things. I’ve been dragging my ass for too long and it’s pissing me off! Lol! Hopefully, when I follow points 1 & 2, this will come along nicely as well…

Aight, so there it goes. I can now look back on here to see what I vowed. With that being said, you will be seeing blog postings on the FE show and Darien following this shortly!

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