Tears Of Joy

Ok so I have like 6 minutes
Today's my bday! Yep dat's right....a few years ago on this day, I WAS BORN! (like how I won't say how many years ago? LOL!)
Anyway, not much to report so far except the amount of love I've gotten from everyone on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter was amazing. I just finished responding to over 60 wall posts on Facebook!
I'll probably do a more detailed report when I finish celebrating! Ha ha! I hope to go out to a party where 3 of my fave DJs in the city are playing. It depends if I'm well enough to go. Yes, like last year...I am sick around my birthday again! I've had a bad case of bronchitis and a sinus infection since the beginning of this month! I'm feeling better but not 100%! My celebrations will end off next week Friday...Foreign Exchange has a show here! :) I'm soo looking forward to it!
Aight, so it's officially midnight...lemme end this off...
Y'all probably wondering what's up with the title of this entry. SOMEONE managed to have me in tears today and I'm going to show you why (Don't forget to pause the MP3 Player to the top right):

*SIGH* All I can say is: I LOVE YOU, D-BROCK!!!!
P.S. In case you don't know who's's Darien Brockington! lol

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