Happy September!!

Okay so I yet again disappeared from the blog and for that I apologize. So much crap went on in the month of August that if I actually wrote all about it, you’d think I’m making it up! A quick summary of it all:
  • Emergencies at work where in one situation, we actually had to call the cops! A patient actually lunged at me and managed to grab my shirt!
  • Trouble with my Blackberry then no home phone, cable and internet service at home for 4 days. Needless to say, I’ve been utterly pissed with Rogers!
  • I was also really upset because of a situation that included someone using me to get to Darien, claiming he was a friend of mine when he’s only an acquaintance at best! Just thinking about it still makes me upset but unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do. It seems like the dude may fall on his face anyway so I suppose it doesn’t really matter…only time will tell.
  • In my years of driving, I had never ever been pulled over by police. Believe it or not, in one weekend, I got stopped twice, two days in a row and got two tickets as well. I won’t go into details but no, it wasn’t for speeding. The other thing that killed me is that one of the times I was on my street! In fact, I could see my building from where I was pulled over! I’m fighting both tickets and I’m confident that they’ll be resolved.
  • There seems to be a lot of people I know passing away lately. There are also a few friends that are terribly ill and won’t recover. We’ve had a death in the family very recently. I’ve also lost a patient who I was very close to and I’m having a hard time dealing with that too. Right now, there are 3 patients who I’m close to as well that are in the last stages of cancer. I try not to be sad but I can’t help but break down sometimes. I wish there was a way for people not to suffer.
With all that being said, I’m glad that the new month is upon us. Here’s hoping for happier times and bigger and brighter things for all of us!

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