Honorable Mention

I'm late in posting this but...
So I'm listening to my boy, Fave's weekly podcast called the Friday Favecast like I usually do once a week. This week in particular, he had my homie, Zo on for an interview. I'm here enjoying the music and hearing my two boys talk then suddenly I hear my name! What??? Did Fave say Lady Vee in Toronto??? I rewound it a bit and there it jaw dropped. Yeah, it was just a mere mention of my name in conversation but STILL! The fact that 2 people whom I respect mentioned my name in an interview on the web is WOW to me!
Besides that, my favorite part in the interview was when Fave mentioned to Zo that he was dying to hear Darien Brockington and Carlitta Durand do a duet! Fave and I have talked about that a few times and I totally agree with him, he's got a GREAT idea!! So if either of you are reading this, D and Carlitta, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! :)
Here's the direct link to where you can chose to listen to the podcast or download it and look at the tracklisting:

Shoutout to Fave!!!!! Sending you much love! xoxo

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