Foreign Exchange @ BB King's NYC

If you know me or are a regular visitor here, you know that this is not the first time I’ve had the pleasure of taking in a Foreign Exchange show. This show was extra special for me though. First, I was in a city that I’ve always wanted to see. Second, this was my first time seeing them since they added Carlitta Durand to the lineup and lastly, the show was at a legendary venue, BB King’s. When I’ve told people that weren’t necessarily familiar with FE that they were performing there, they were impressed. Everyone knows about BB King’s.
This show was slated to be a late show and boy, was it late! It was through no fault of their own though. Bobby Brown had the show previous to them and since he started late, it pushed everyone else back.Once the band hit the stage, it was OVER!

The first song was Nicolay’s lead single off of his album, Shibuya called Lose Your Way. Carlitta came out to start things off and was later joined by Phonte, Yahzarah and Darien Brockington.

Lose Your Way

The show was filled with good music and great vocals. Even though this was my 5th show (yes, 5th! Zo especially likes to tease me about that! LoL), each show I’ve seen had different elements. They performed Curtis Mayfield’s Give Me Your Love as Phonte introduced everyone on stage. A funny moment during this set was Phonte forgot to introduce Zo initially and Darien had to remind him. Zo playfully got up from the keys and threatened to leave!

FE Top 7 Give Me Your Love Countdown (Band Intros)

They had a little fun showing their dance moves during a reggae music set and expanded their “Ignant Songs To Neo Soul” bit which had everyone cheering and laughing. They were so excited about performing after Bobby Brown that they did a medley of his hits. Phonte also mentioned everyone's Twitter accounts then broke out into the classic house track Follow Me in a new follower campaign. I’m also so glad they added Purple Flip to their set which is a tribute to Prince that Phonte, Nicolay, Zo and Carlitta did with ?uestlove. It was great to hear that song live.

Reggae Vibes With The Foreign Exchange

Purple Flip

Foreign Exchange also had a couple of surprises up their sleeves as well. Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother came out to perform Nic’s Groove and Life of the Party. It was great seeing Tay and Pooh together onstage again. It brought me back to the LB shows that I had been to over the years. This was significant too because apparently, there were rumors circulating that LB is done and even that Tay and Pooh were not even on speaking terms. Later on in the show, Joe Scudda graced the stage during Raw Life which was great as well because I had never seen perform before.

Life Of The Party With Rapper Big Pooh

Zo! & The ELs Interlude/Raw Life With Joe Scudda

Set list:
  • Lose Your Way
  • House of Cards
  • Sweeter Than You
  • FE Top 7 Give Me Your Love Countdown (Band Intros)
  • Bobby Brown Medley
  • Nic's Groove
  • I Wanna Know
  • Come Around
  • Follow Me (Impromptu House Track)
  • Daykeeper
  • Take Off The Blues
  • Valediction
  • Zo! & The ELs Interlude/Raw Life
  • Reggae Set
  • Ignant To Neo Soul
  • Purple Flip
  • Life Of The Party
  • Something About You/Step In The Name Of Love

My favorite moments of the show were pretty much mentioned earlier and the great thing is I have it all on video! I’ll post my faves here but as always, you can see the rest at The pictures are a collection of shots from myself, Trelly and Ann Marie.

The Show Stopper, Yahzarah

Our Friend Will Getting Serenaded! LOL!

The Suave Darien Brockington

The Lovely Miss Carlitta Durand

The Beast On The Keys Zo!

The Mastermind Nicolay

The Frontman Phonte

The "Sangers" Doing What They Do

I cannot say enough good things about Foreign Exchange or seeing them live but at the same time, I have no words to describe how much you NEED to see them. You just really have to experience it yourself. Even if you aren’t familiar with FE…if you like to be thoroughly entertained and consider yourself a fan of R&B/Soul and Hip Hop, I guarantee that you’ll be a fan of Foreign Exchange by the end of the show.

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