Miss St James Is Here! ~The Ballad of Purple Saint James - YahZarah


May 4, 2010 marks the highly anticipated release of YahZarah’s The Ballad of Purple Saint James. Both YahZarah and the album are well deserving of the buzz around them. The album is this Durham, NC based artist’s first release with Foreign Exchange Music. The Ballad has appearances by long time collaborators Phonte and Darien Brockington and includes production by Zo!, TheRealFocus, Nate Smith and Steve McKie.

A perfect way to start off the album is with “Strike Up The Band”. The live instrumentation of this track makes you feel like your sitting in a packed club, enjoying the intro to her show with lyrics saying “Somebody strike up the band…Miss Saint James is here.” The whole body of work is, in my opinion, quite flawless. The Ballad is a whole mixture of jazz, R&B/soul and a bit of bounce rock for good measure. It’s perfect representation of YahZarah. The Washington, DC born singer/songwriter may have a petite frame but she shows she is full of spunk and diversity throughout this album.

Track Listing

  1. Strike Up The Band
  2. Why Dontcha Call Me No More
  3. Cry Over You Featuring Phonte
  4. All My Days Featuring Darien Brockington
  5. Come Back As A Flower
  6. Dedicated To You
  7. The Lie
  8. Last To Leave
  9. Have A Heart
  10. Change Your Mind
  11. Starship
  12. Shadow
  13. Love Come Save The Day

My Fave Joints

All Of My Days Featuring Darien Brockington – I got my first taste of this song from the album sampler and I knew I’d love the track when I got my hands on it in its entirety. The music is like a warm, summer breeze; it’s what struck me first. Then you have love drenched lyrics sung by two incredible singers in YahZarah and Darien Brockington. “I don’t believe in fairy tales or a perfect one. More than a friend but something greater than lovers. Much, much more than a passing phase, a masquerade cuz I wanna spend all my days with you…” I can see this being played at weddings everywhere!

Come Back As A Flower – The wonderful thing about YahZarah is the strength of her voice. While it takes a good amount of strength and control to belt out lyrics, I also get amazed when a strong singer has the control to project her voice in a soft and sweet manner. This song is the perfect example of that. Filled with metaphoric lyrics talking about spreading love, I took to this song right away.

The Lie – The first time I heard this track, I found myself bouncing in my seat. The Lie is a song about someone realizing that their significant other wants to cheat. With lyrics boasting “If it's always raining then somebody's crying but if it's always sunny, then somebody's lying. And one day when you run down your list of regrets, you'll see that I'm as perfect as your gonna get..." I find this song pretty powerful.

While I only mentioned 3 songs, The Ballad Of Purple Saint James as a whole is definitely "ear candy"; definitely a purchase you will not regret! YahZarah is indeed an artist that you MUST have in your music collection!

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