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I’m most known for being part of Darien Brockington’s team so I thought why not do a post of what’s going on with him.
First I’m proud to say I got my copy of The Cold Case Files. I’ve had it in mp3 format for awhile but I finally got the actual CD when I was down in North Carolina. Darien signed it, of course but getting the CD meant a lot more because I’m mentioned in the thank yous! Yeah, I know that might seem a little lame and some folks might think, “Of course Darien would thank you because you’re part of his team” etc but there’s something about seeing your name in print on a CD insert. It’s only the 2nd time it’s happened to me, the first time was on my boy, Kam Moye’s CD, Splitting Image that was released last year. In addition to being available on iTunes and, both The Cold Case Files and 2006’s Somebody To Love CDs are now available on The Foreign Exchange’s website.

Last week, we found out that Darien was nominated for The 2010 SoulTracks Music Award for Best Male Vocalist! Voting started not long ago and goes on until November 7, 2010. To get your ballot and vote, all you have to do is go to and sign up for their newsletter by entering your email address towards the top left of the site. You should receive a ballot via email within 24 hours. Along with Darien, 2 members of his musical family were nominated too: Yahzarah (Independent Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Female vocalist of the year) and Zo! (Song of the Year, Independent Album of The Year) so please show your support and vote!!
October has been a busy month for Darien. He has an event with my friends over at this coming Friday at Moods Music in Atlanta. For more details about this in-store appearance and show, click here. Darien was also in New York City twice recently. First, he was at SOBs on October 14th with Yahzarah for their Love & Lust show. The show went over really well as he opened the show for Yahzarah and later rejoined her during her set to sing their duet, All My Days. I’ve seen them perform this song live once and watched videos from a number of shows but this particular performance…wow, it’s something to see! Luckily, someone caught it on video!

(Friendly Reminder: Don't forget to pause on the mp3 player on the top right before pressing play!)

Last weekend, Darien was in NYC again but this time with The Foreign Exchange. TFE’s latest album, Authenticity was released recently and they had a show at BB King’s to celebrate it. The album is highly acclaimed by many and reached number 1 on iTunes R&B charts the day it came out. Their single, Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me, was also chosen as USA Today’s pick of the week. Before the big show, Nicolay, Phonte and Darien had an in-store appearance and show at the Best Buy in Union Square.

The show at BB King’s was a huge event as it was slated to be The Foreign Exchange’s only Authenticity show for the rest of this year and it killed me that I wasn’t able to make it. Fortunately, there is youtube!!

You can find Darien Brockington on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

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