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Fave Beat Tape: DaiKatamy ~ DaiKatamyIsGone3

One of the wonderful things about the internet is the people you get to know and meet. My homie, DaiKatamy is one of them. We first met in a ustream chat and our friendship spilled on to twitter. He had me cracking me up, first claiming that I'm some sort of artist, producer, A&R or manager...all of which I'm not! LOL! Now he affectionately calls me HIS manager which I don't mind at all.
DaiKatamy is a talented producer hailing from San Jose, CA and he released his latest beat tape not long ago called DaiKatamyIsGone3. I remember when he emailed me my fave track on it called Gold...I LOVED IT! I told him it made me wanna rap or something and I'm in no way, shape or form a rapper! LOL!
I just felt this needed to be heard and since I have the opportunity to do that on my site, here it is! Click the album cover above to download it for FREE!!

  1. OutKast- Elevators(Astral Jazz RMX)
  2. Minstrel Fields
  3. Want It(Aah)
  4. Why Does The Moon Cry...
  5. The Wind Does Not Hear (R.I.P. Nujabes)
  6. A Mid-Summer Night
  7. Nas ft. Lauryn Hill- If I Ruled The World(1990 RMX)
  8. Last Man Standing
  9. Help The Police
  10. The Darkest Knight
  11. Hulk Smash!!!
  12. Journey to Dami
  13. Wicket
  14. GOLD: One for KT
  15. Nigerian Love
  16. I Love Her
  17. Jazzmatazz: One for the G.U.R.U. (outro)

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