Ear Candy: HaLo ~ Heat Writer II

Yet again, I am here to introduce you to another talented artist from 9th Wonder's It's A Wonderful World Music Group. This North Carolina based rapper's name is HaLo, pronounced like ha-low. To find out his story in the words of 9th Wonder and HaLo himself, watch the video below: (Friendly Reminder: Don't forget to pause on the mp3 player on the top right before pressing play!)

Although we've never met in person (yet!), I've gotten to know him. In my eyes, I find a sense of sincerity when it comes to HaLo both artistically and personally. It almost seems like he's always in the studio but all these traits are similar to the members of the IWWMG. I suppose that's why they all gel together so well...more like a big loving family sharing their talents with the world.
All the hard work HaLo and the fam put in is paying off too! HaLo's Heat Writer II was released on January 31st via It is currently #1 on the site's Top Mixtapes Chart! A few days after came the release of HaLo's video, Boom Bap For The Radio via the newly launched website: The video is yet another masterpiece from director, Kenneth Price who does a wonderful job filming all of the IWWMG visuals.

Boom Bap For The Radio is one of my fave tracks from Heat Writer II. The way 9th uses the Silk sample in this beat is CRAZY! Other favorites are The Jungle featuring Rapsody, So Vibrant featuring Actual Proof's Sundown and to everyone's surprise, E. Jones who's most known as a producer closes out the track with a verse! The song I have on constant repeat and posted as the lead song on the Lair's mp3 player is Cold Chillin'.
I cannot even explain how proud I am of what HaLo has done so far and I look forward to what's to come!

To listen/download to HaLo's Heat Writer II, click the cover art below!

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