Talented Friends ~ Sean Armstrong

With the arrival of the New Year, I'm starting a new segment called Talented Friends. These posts will include anything from new music, videos and downloads from folks I know personally and want to give them some SHINE! Are you ready??? Here I go! First up, my boy from BMore, Sean!

I first got to know Sean as DJ Face from the True School Corporation. He also hosts a weekly show on his ustream channel alongside another True School Corporation DJ, Cuzzin B every Tuesday. I believe it was during a ustream session when Sean casually mentioned that he raps and that he had an EP coming out soon. I was lucky enough to receive an email that same night with a sneak peek of what he was working on. First my eyes bugged out when I found out that the EP was produced by VA producer, Nottz then when I pressed play?? My jaw dropped and I thought, "This is Sean???!!!" LOL! I've sat on these 2 tracks for a month or 2 now and I'm happy to say that I finally have the go ahead to share them with y'all!

Here are 2 tracks from Sean Armstrong's upcoming EP, "Girl U Know" and "Still Love You". My personal favorite is Girl U Know which is currently the lead song that plays when you arrive on my blog! Feel free to listen (don't forget to pause the mp3 player on the top right before pressing play!), download and share! Comments are always welcome! Look out for the EP, "Who Got The Nottz?" coming Tuesday, January the 17th!!

Sean Armstrong ~ Girl U Know

Sean Armstrong ~ Still Love U

Sean Armstrong aka DJ Face and myself in North Carolina, June 2011

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