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For those of you who know me and/or follow my blog etc., this post should be a no brainer…

It was February 2006 and I was at a concert my cousin took me to. We were show buddies meaning a lot of times, we would go to concerts we had no idea who was performing because the other just wanted someone to go with. The opening act was on, I thought they were great. This dude on stage started singing and I remember thinking, ‘Whoah! Who the hell is that with that voice?’ Eventually I found out that group was Little Brother and the dude with the voice? That was Darien Brockington.

I probably could go on and on about Darien but I won’t. In fact I’m sure if you do a search on him through my blog or my YouTube channel, you would probably get info on how we met, pictures and videos of us etc. What I will say is Darien Brockington is one talented man. I include him in my favorite male singers list alongside John Legend, Eric Roberson and Dwele and this was even before anyone could claim I was being biased! I’ve been blessed to see him grow as an artist through his music and seeing him perform with Little Brother and The Foreign Exchange and of course his solo ventures as well. Besides being a part of his team, we have been there for each other through some rough times and I consider him one of my most closest friends.

Back in 2010, Darien stepped away from his music career to go back to school and finish his degree. Today, he releases a song called 'If Only' which is produced by Sheldon Williams. We released a snipped about a week ago. The feedback has been positive and the support has been wonderful so far.

I'll admit, I've known about this song for awhile. The main thing that struck me about 'If Only' is the emotion Darien conveys while singing remorseful lyrics of a relationship gone wrong. I'm so happy Darien agreed to release this and I'm able to share it with you!

'If Only' is available now on iTunes and AmazonHear the preview by clicking below. Don't forget to stop the site's music player on the top right!

When we first met, back in 2006.

In NYC after a show with The Foreign Exchange at BB King's, June 2010 which was the last time I saw him perform.

A recent pic of Darien and I during one of my many visits to North Carolina.


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