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Just catching up on some music I wanted to tell you about. One project I’ve been meaning to write about and 2 fairly new releases. Please support and listen to them. Be sure to let me know what you think! Also a friendly reminder before watching the videos, pause the blog's music player located on the top right side.

Rakeeb ~ Just Scratching The Surface

This post is a little personal one because I’ve known Rakeeb for a few years now. Born in Virginia and based in Winston Salem, North Carolina, 15 year old Rakeeb may surprise you with his flow. When asked about Rakeeb, Jamla Records artist, TP who collaborated on the track Hotel Life, states, “I believe in him so much. He’s got drive and determination. He shows a lot of maturity.” Appropriately titled, Just Scratching The Surface shows that drive and the potential Rakeeb has in becoming the artist he strives to be. Some of my favorites on the mixtape include: Hotel Life, The Blessing and Rookie of the Year.

Rakeeb’s Just Scratching The Surface is available for FREE download on by clicking here or on the image above.

Choklate ~ Fly

I’ve loved Choklate since about 2007 when one of my girls played her music while driving around Charlotte, NC. Since then, I’ve been a fan of hers and bought any projects she’s released. I’ve even managed to tweet her back and forth a few times which has been a joy. Fly is a short but sweet EP of 5 tracks that left me wanting more! While I love all 5 tracks, the one track that seems to have kidnapped my ears is the song featuring Musiq Soulchild called, The Stand Part 1. I just love the vibe and the 2 singers sound lovely together.

Be sure to check out Fly by Choklate! It’s available on iTunes by clicking here or on the image above. It’s only just $4.95, a small price to pay for some great music!

Jeanne Jolly ~ Angels

I really started to love Jeanne Jolly’s voice when I heard her rendition of Anita Baker’s Same Ole Love on Zo!’s Just Visiting Three. I knew of her because she was touring with The Foreign Exchange and had seen her in a few youtube videos of their live shows. She then released her single, Sweet Love and the video came out shortly after. I loved it! Jeanne’s album, Angels was release via Foreign Exchange Music on Oct 2nd. As timing had it, I was set to be in North Carolina at the same time as her album release party Oct 5th. My first experience of hearing Jeanne’s music was at the show; I decided to wait and buy the CD directly from her. Her music is along the lines of county/folk and I have to admit that although my music tastes are varied, one genre I never really had gotten into was country. It didn’t matter that night at the Lincoln Theater though. I enjoyed her performance, she and her band sounded great. I really took in Angels this weekend, giving it a proper listen and found myself listening to it again and again. My favorites besides Sweet Love are Happy Days Café, Tear Soup and Round and Round Again. Now I can add a little country to my list of musical tastes and I have Jeanne Jolly to thank for that!

You can get Angels by Jeanne Jolly on iTunes by clicking here or on the image above. You can also order Angels on CD directly from The Foreign Exchange Music website here.

VIDEO: Jeanne Jolly - Sweet Love

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