Twitter Stories: I’m A What????

This is a short and sweet one....

There is a running joke amongst friends, Jamla Army mostly, that I rap. While moderating 9th Wonder’s ustream, I would constantly get asked who I am, how do I know 9th and more often than not, I’m asked if I’m an artist or producer on the label. Usually, a few of the Jamla Army soldiers are in the chat as well and we usually play around the fact that I rap.
Most of the regulars know the truth and it’s a joke that’s been going on for a long time. I found it pretty funny and innocent…until one day on Twitter, I got this:

Sooo...apparently I'm a rapper now and someone felt I was worthy enough to post me on their Follow Friday as such!!! O_O LOL!

I saw that first thing in the morning and nearly spit out my coffee at my desk at work! Perfect example of a joke going WAY too far and I had to share!

Be on the look out for my new single this summer and my album in the fall! Bwahahaha!!!

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