On my ??th birthday (lol!) I wanted to share a bit of me here. I've been receiving so much love since midnight struck today, May 27th. I'm overwhelmed, overjoyed, exretemely grateful and so blessed! xo

Who Am I?
  • I'm a child of God, a daughter, sister, cousin, auntie and friend. My family and friends are everything to me.
  • I'm also a lover of good music, good food and good company. I'm constantly listening to music and listen to a lot of different genres. Who doesn't love good food? If I had to state a favourite, I'd probably say Japanese. What's good music or food without company? I love to be surrounded by great people, spread love and shares laughs.
  • I have a thing for the colour blue, purses and silver jewellery. If you don't know at least one of these things, you can't say you know me! ;-)
  • I can be painfully shy at times. I'm constantly working on getting out of my shell. Sometimes that consists of backing myself up against a wall and leaving me no choice but to get things done. I feel awkward social gatherings but most times, I hide it well. Lol!
  • I'm a writer/blogger & a Jamla Army Colonel. Because of this, I get recognized from time to time. I'm surprised every time that happens...not because I'm not worthy of attention or lack of faith in myself but because I'm honoured that people take the time to check out my work. I've been told I'm almost too humble about it. This part of me, the work I've done/been doing, the people I've met especially ones I consider's almost like another life to me. On one side you have Vee, the shy, awkward person that works full time at a doctor's office...on the other, there's Lady Vee who has a business card, goes to shows, hangs out and sometimes parties with other bloggers and artists.
There's much more to me than these 5 things but I want to elaborate a bit more on the last point. First, please don't think I'm admitting to being crazy and having 2 different personalities! LOL! It's hard to describe what I have experienced thus far. Secondly, there's a running joke out there amongst loved ones that I'm a celebrity or I'm famous because of the people I've met or the people I know. I find this so funny and laugh it off because I'm far from any of those things. I don't belittle my accomplishments or my relationships with people nor do I think I'm a nobody. The story of "Lady Vee" is long one but this is the way I see it: I am somebody who is a music lover first that happened to stumble upon people who have become friends that are also artists. I've gotten to meet some incredible people, ones who I admire because of those friendships. Seeing myself that way has nothing to do with lack of confidence, it's more because of the way things went for me. It's like a big six degrees of separation via my writing, music and the people I've met. Yeah sure, knowing how to talk to people helps a great deal too but it just feels like a journey where things just happen to fall on my lap and I just bump into awesome people along the way. That's it, that's all! :)

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  1. No need to explain your different sides Vee. You are a Gemini...nuff said. We are cut from a different cloth.


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