Lady’s Faves ~ Watch & Listen Edition

Just thought I’d make a post of what I’ve been listening to for the last little while. Some you may know, some you may not and some are videos to watch and some are just for your listening pleasure. My faves have one thing in common though, it’s all musical greatness in my opinion and I feel YOU should check them out!

(Friendly reminder for music/video links: Don't forget to pause the mp3 player at the bottom left of your screen before pressing play!)

pHoenix Pagliacci and Sean Armstrong – Face of a Phoenix

Face of a Phoenix is a 9 track collaboration EP from pHoenix Pagliacci and Sean Armstrong aka DJ Face whom I’ve both featured in my Talented Friends segment before. Sean does all the production and raps a few verses while pHoenix laces the tracks with both rapping and singing!
Solid EP! It’s available on bandcamp and you can name your own price! Click the artwork to check it out!

pHoenix Pagliacci – Voodoo

Speaking of pHoenix, she released a video that I absolutely love for my favorite song off of her album Books, Bucks & Beats Vol. 2: Rise of Baby Buddha, Voodoo. She’s really stepped it up from her last video. Love the visuals and I was totally freaked out over the snake! My girl is brave! LOL!

Choklate – Carbon Copy (Live)

I’ve mentioned Choklate’s EP Fly previously here and no, this is not an official video. This is a beautiful moment captured by my homie, DJ Conscience at Choklate’s show in NYC not too long ago. Love the song and I love that these 2 young ladies that sing it with her love it too!

Rich Aucoin – It

I pride myself in my musical diversity. This is a song that some may be surprised by. A while ago, I went to a concert and Rich Aucoin happened to be the opening act. My friend and I arrived and saw his last 3 songs. He was great! At the end of his set, he projected his cell number on the stage back drop, encouraging folks to text him and said he would send his music to you for free. Great marketing strategy, right? Anyway, I sent him a msg and a few days later, he texted me back. He sent me links of his music and we msged back and forth a bit. I did tell him I’ve had this song in my head since the show which is why I’ve decided to post it here. I’ll probably write more on Rich Aucoin soon! In the meantime, check out the video and let me know what you think!

Zo! Featuring Gwen Bunn & Phonte – Count To Five

The Foreign Exchange Music wins with this one! Zo! released his album, Man Made on May 21st and released this video shortly after. I heard of Gwen Bunn when True School DJ, Cuzzin B put me on to her with a track called Epitome. I love the tone of her voice! Count To Five is a fun video and I adore the vibe of the song which also features Phonte. Kenneth Price does a wonderful job directing as always! I cannot watch this video or listen to this song without smiling. See for yourself!

Amel Larrieux – Afraid

Been a fan of this lady since she was in Groove Theory! She back with a new single, Afraid. I didn’t even know she was coming out with new music. 9th Wonder posted it on his FB profile and it was a wrap for me! I love the song! Amel Larrieux's new album Ice Cream Everyday comes out on August 27th and I’m really looking forward to it! You can pre-order her album complete with bonus mixes on

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