The Complications Of The Creative Mind

Hmm, perhaps I should’ve specified in the title that I’m writing about MY creative mind. ;-)

Yes, here I am yet again writing after a few months absence. I hate that my posts have become ‘sometimey’ (yes, I made that word up…you get what I mean though!). What can I say, life gets in the way and let’s be honest procrastination does too. Sometimes I feel like I ‘just don’t have it in me’. Forcing myself to write never turns out well for me which is why I’m always hesitant when offered writing jobs. I’m weary of making something I love to do into something I HAVE to do. I have to be really believe in something to be able to write about it. Trying to make myself write just makes it worse!
It’s almost like when you’re a little kid and someone tells you not to do something, it makes you want to do it even more! Can anyone relate to this? I hate to think I’m the only person that feels like this.

I will be posting little blogs shortly, updating you all of what has happened in my world these passed few months and some music posts as well. I am thankful to everyone who continues follow my blog and support me. Feel free to keep in touch on twitter or Instagram as I find myself on there more as of late. My usernames are @ladyvee on Twitter and ladyvee527 on Instagram.

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