Wahlburgers In Toronto (Catch Up Post #4)

Okay, so if you've gotten to know me through my blog or on twitter... you'd know that I love Donnie Wahlberg, met him for the 1st time June, had an awesome 'hallway moment' before the M&G then but no pic. Went to the AP at the 2nd Toronto show, thought I was guaranteed to get a pic with him since I had a photo group and even had a bracelet to give to him that was identical to mine and matched his skull belt buckle BUT he had to leave right after the show to go to NYC for Blue Bloods...
In the beginning of September, I find out that Donnie with his brother Paul were going to be in town for an event to celebrate the announcement of their restaurant, Wahlburgers expanding to Toronto. They are hoping to open early 2014. The first 200 people were going to get free burgers. My sister, my cousin Jojo and I went not knowing to expect.
It was raining pretty hard at times and I started hearing girls were leaving to get to the place at 9am! The event didn't even start until 3! We decided we were going to drive by and see how nuts it was; we were expecting the worst. At a little after 1:30, we got to the Metropolitan Soho Hotel downtown and to our surprise, it wasn't bad at all. It was very well organized and security was very nice. The line up outside was very small and partly covered by a tent because of the rain. We were inside within the hour of getting there. I met a bunch of really nice BHs there and traded twitter names so we could keep in touch. Donnie and Paul took pictures with EVERYONE there. When it was my turn, I went up and Donnie pulled me in for a big hug, asking how I was. I said fine, asked how he was then said hi to Paul and hugged him as well then we took our picture. Paul handed me a bag which had a burger (which was pretty fantastic btw!) and a bottle of Aqua Hydrate. I also managed to give Donnie my bracelet! I know I didn't have much time so after we took our pic, I quickly turned to him and said...

Me: Hey, I have something for you...
Donnie: Really?
Me: Yeah, it's a bracelet (giving it to him)
Donnie: Oh wow! Aww, I coulda really used this on tour!
Me: I know! I had it to give to you at the last after party here but you weren't there! (as he put the bracelet on)
Donnie: Aww, don't say that! I still feel bad about that. We're here now though and that's all that matters. Thank you so much! I love you! (hugging me and kissing my cheek)

I could've DIED! LOL! I told him I loved him too and then Earl (his bodyguard) came tell me to hurry. Haha! Another awesome thing is I saw pics of him at his private event that night and I noticed he was still wearing my bracelet! I was soooooo ecstatic!!!

The bracelet!

I look forward to going to Wahlburgers when it opens. The burger we got was really great. We really enjoyed the event. I was so thrilled to finally get a picture with Donnie. To this day, I look at the pic in disbelief! Ha ha!

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