Twitter Stories (Catch Up Post #3): Jon Made My Knight!!

Ok, cheesy title... I admit it! Sorry!
To tell you about this story, I have to admit something that not a lot of people knew. I didn’t really want people to know but now that I’m done with it, I can say it. I WAS a smoker. I averaged about 5/day; nothing heavy like a pack a day or anything like that but this had been going on and off for years. Back around before Easter I was hit with the worst lung infection... I get them once in awhile and when I do, they are pretty extreme. It usually last for weeks and then it takes more weeks for me to recuperate. It took me almost took me a month to get better and no, I don’t smoke while I’m sick. Every time I’m sick, I’d stop because I couldn’t handle it but as soon as I start to get better, the cravings would be so bad, I’d start. Anyway, when I was finally on the mend, I happened to go on Instagram and saw Jonathan Knight of NKOTB post about an app that keeps track of your progress as you quit smoking.
I had no idea these things existed! The next day, I had 2 cigs left. I had those on the way home from work and decided I wasn't going to buy anymore. I downloaded the app, put in my info and the date and I've been keeping track ever since! 
I managed to tell Jon when I met him in June 7th during my meet and greet. He was thrilled & encouraged me to keep going. I even heard him telling the guys about it as I was leaving the room. At the end of the same month, Jon posted a silly pic of some fries in a Marlboro box saying it's his new addiction. I commented, reminding him who I was and that I was at 79 days (at the time) and got this mention back!

When I saw him on July 28th (more details in my previous post here), he got right in my face, yelled hi and hugged me tight like he was greeting an old friend! I started to think he was just being really friendly but then he asked if I still wasn’t smoking and called me by name. I was so touched and stunned!

Since then, I’ve tweeted about him about my progress and he’s gotten back to me with replies and private msgs. He’s always encouraging and so sweet!

Recently, I marked my 200th day smoke free! When I tweeted about it, I got a reply from him which has become my favorite msg from him! I was shocked he replied because he's been away in India on vacation for almost a month.

I have no words to describe how much that means to me. You can roll your eyes and laugh at me all you want for my renewed love for NKOTB. Getting encouragement and feeling special by someone you’ve admired for years makes it ALL worth it!

I love you, Jonathan Knight! Thank you! See you in June! xo

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