Happy Or Not Happy...Excited Or Not Excited....That Is The Question!

So as some of you may 30th birthday is fast approaching (May 27 in case you didn't know!) I'm usually excited about my birthday, wanting to make plans to do stuff, making sure that I have most, if not all, the people I love around me during my special day but this year it's different somehow....I'm just not totally there.

Yes, some may peg it to the "milestone" birthday but it's not totally what you think. I'm not bummed because of the "getting old/age" thing...I've just been thinking about what I've accomplished, what do I have to show for my 30 years of life...and sometimes when I feel pretty crappy, I don't have much to say when I ask myself these questions. There are positives and I try to concentrate on those points but somehow lately the negatives have been creeping back into my mind when I have constantly tried to push them out. I am grateful, though, that I have the guts in me to try and push them out, to not let them consume me...BUT, some days are better than others. Let me tell you...this is not one of them better days.

Anyway...hopefully things will get better as the days gets closer...I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hey lady. I chose for you Happy and Excited, because 30 is a great year. For those things you have not accomplished I say you have 30 years to get it done. For those things you have accomplished you can look at your surroundings and say "well look at those much older that have yet to get where I am now" Believe me they are out there. So chin up and party down it's ya berfday!

  2. Best way to handle that is to do whatever you feel you havent done before as muchg as you can.


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