Hmmm....better...'s after midnight so technically my birthday is now one day away and I don't feel as bad as I did. I did hit my lowest point on Wednesday night....all of a sudden, I was overcome with emotions and was balling my eyes out. I secluded myself in one of the bedrooms where no one would see me and sat in the dark, letting it all go. I wasn't alone long because I was dicovered by my mother who sat and talked with me a great deal. She comforted me as she held me in her arms while I explained how I've been feeling. We talked and I eventually calmed down. I was still a lil' weepy when I finally went to bed but I finally did have a good night's sleep. Perhaps I just needed a good cry....

Today in an attempt to lift my spirits, I got my hair cut and nails done. I think it worked cuz although, there's a part of me who's still sad/'s not as big as before. Many people have been there for me, sharing their advice, saying really kind words...basically trying to see that I am okay and getting me to cheer up. Whether I know you personally or online, I thank you from the bottom of my "almost 30 year old" (LoL!) heart for your support and particular for Linh, RoSean, Helen, Michelle, Josie and Deedra.

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  1. You feel pretty, oh so pretty, you feel pretty and witty and wise. :o) Girl and I promise tomorrow 5/27/06 will be the most awesome day of celebration and inspiration you have ever experienced. Enjoy your day sweetie you deserve every positive thing that happens to you this year!


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