I'm what???????????

30! Yep, I made it to 30 and I thank God for that. I'm not as down as I was but it's still swimming in my mind and I've chosen to ignore it as much as possible. I went out with my girl, Linh last night. She treated me to a wicked dinner at this trendy Japanese Fusion Restaurant called, Ki. Very beautiful. We also passed thru this club, to listen some music and people watch. Big ups to my fave. DJ, Tyrone for the birthday shot.

I'm heading out tonight with my best friend from high school, Josie who is in town from Vancouver. I look forward to that as well. I'm supposed to get together with my brother, his girlfriend, my sister and her friends later. We'll see how that goes...

Gotta go or else I'll be late. Thanks to all my friends/family for being there for me and all the birthday wishes!! Love ya!

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