It was Saturday, May 27, 2006 at approximately 7:30 pm. I arrived alongside my best friend from high school, Josie, who was in town from Vancouver at The Hot House CafĂ© to see about 18 -20 smiling faces seated at a table waiting for me. I reacted by taking a step back and hiding because I didn’t not expect such a big group there. I didn’t want to do anything for my 30th birthday. I was in a funk, a down state so to speak for the last 2 weeks. This was the first year in a long time that I wasn’t at all excited or looking forward to it but all my friends and family made me realize that this was something to celebrate and not to feel down about.

Special thanks goes out to: my sister, Carmela for putting this together. Josie, I know you didn’t necessarily plan to be here for my special day but it sure worked out great, didn’t it? Thanks for being there. Linh, for always checking on me when I was down and for playing off that you were going to your grandma’s when really you were on your way to the party! Michelle, for keeping me smiling at work all this time and all your encouragement. Kuya Ed and Angela, for playing off that we were just supposed to meet for drinks after dinner with Josie. Mama and Papa, I’m so glad you were there to surprise me with the white roses…that was one of the best surprises! To Christina, Lynette, Eduardo, Ethan, Erika, JoJo, Mike, Julie, Rorie, Rica, Jose and Evelyn: thank you all for coming…


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  1. I felt so bad all through the planning of your party coz I knew that you weren't really looking forward to this particular bday. I came so close many times in spilling the beans so that you can feel better about it. It was hard to sneak around and not let you figure it out. I thought that you had us many times when people called me at home to rsvp


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