Random Ramblings Volume 2

Remember that patient I spoke about previously who told me how beautiful I would be if only I lost weight? If not, see below for the entry entitled Sensitivity Or Lack Thereof. Anyway she was in today and guess what she did? She came over to my desk with a smile, dropped a handful of butterscotch flavored candies and said, “For your sweet tooth.” Tell me something….if she was so compelled to hint to me to lose weight, why the hell is she handing me pile of candy????? OLD HAG!!!
Guys can be so insensitive sometimes. Not sure why this person felt the need to tell me what he told me. He did and it hurt but I’m trying my best to push it aside. He is someone I consider a close friend and he did point out something that was true but it hurt nonetheless. There was no need for you to say what you said especially when you started with, “You know you’re my girl, right?” Chances are when you say something like that, you have an idea that the person may take it the wrong way or hurt them. If you do, in fact, think they may do that…depending on what you need to tell them…don’t tell them at all. You might as well have called me ugly.
Spoken word and live music can uplift one’s soul. At least that’s what I found out on Sunday. I hooked up with a popular local spoken word artist, Dwayne Morgan, through myspace. He told me to check out his monthly open mic show and took Linh with me. I’m sure glad I did. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I was in such a good mood and that was great considering I’ve been feeling so crappy the last few weeks.


  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    That is the power of the spoken word. That is the power of words! Glad you had a good time...Keep rocking woman...

  2. There was a need. no i wasnt dissing you. but as a friend i gotta put my foot down and let ya know "it aint all that damn cute girl." Friends look out for one another and If friends cant come clean now and then who can ya come to?


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