A Week Vacation

You might be reading this and thinking, “Vee went on vacation?” Nope, one of my bosses is away this week. He’s the one who’s here 5 days a week. The other doctor only works once a week. It’s amazing how relaxed I feel. It’s almost like I’m the one on vacation. Not that my boss is terrible to work with…he’s actually pretty great. He’s just so busy. I thought I was going to lose my head last week! Not only was it a short week because of Canada Day but it was his last week before he went away. I swear patients were acting like he was going to be away for 6 months!!

Just because he’s away doesn’t mean I’ll be off the whole week. I have tons of stuff to catch up on and clear. I’m actually writing this at work. The lady doctor is in only for half a day. I’m sitting here staring at the piles of charts I have to clear and I’m honestly not stressed about it. I don’t think I’ve felt like that before. It’s really strange to me; so strange that I felt to document it on my blog! LoL!

Being the great boss he is, he just told me “As long as everything’s done when I come back, I don’t care.” I think that took the weight off my shoulders quite a bit. Now that the lady doctor’s is pretty much done her day, I can get down to business! Woo Hoo!!

Thank goodness for great bosses and being in a line of work that I actually enjoy.

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