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So you all know that I was down about not going to ATL with Nancy to see Darien perform right? I tried to keep busy (I even went and got my hair chopped 2- 3 inches!) and keep my mind occupied especially on Saturday night when the show was. I had plans to hang out with some friends that whole evening....

About 8 something, I'm with my boy, Kevin and my cell rings. It's Nancy. "Hey girl! Hold up!" she says. Then I hear Darien's voice. We talked for a bit but not too long cuz neither of us wanted to run up long distance minutes for Nancy. When I hung up with them, I tried to keep my composure cuz after all I was chillin' with Kev but, I couldn't stop smiling! LOL! While I was driving to hook up with my girls at a party downtown, I couldn't stop thinking about it! I felt disappointed that I wasn't there but sooo excited that I spoke to him and most of all, I was sooooo touched that Nancy called so that I could talk to him!! So thank you, thank you, thank you!

At one time or another, we both have bugged D about how he hardly ever smiles in pics! Recently, he actually vowed to me that he had been smiling more in pictures lately. When Nancy and I were planning our trip, we had a goal to get pics with him smiling...Nancy got her wish:


Ain't they cute??? Nancy also video taped the show. Here are 2 performances from that night: Don't Say Goodbye and a little different version of my favorite song, Come Around (Don't Forget To Stop The MP3 On The Right Hand Side!!):

Don't Say Goodbye

Come Around

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  1. Nancy6:15 AM

    YEEEEAAAAAAAHH!! (in lil jon voice)awww how sweet. why you got my picture all up on here? jk. you're so welcome it's all love hun!! i really hope that the next d brock show we go to, that we will be going together (uhh, sounds like a date? girl you know what i mean!)...1NE...


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