I’ve known him since July. He’s from Connecticut but he’s been here in Toronto for about 2 and a half years. He came to this city with practically nothing and has managed to establish himself fairly well, getting his own place, working etc. He’s also been working towards getting his Canadian citizenship. He went to the US to be with his family for Thanksgiving. He planned to come home by Sunday night but got stopped at the border. He told me he was there for 8 hours talking with officials to find out that he would be not allowed back because they discovered he had been working in Canada without a work permit. This stems from working with his brother for which he had thought would be the ‘under the table’ but he ended up claiming him. He left the border sometime about 3 am and had to drive all the way back to Connecticut. While on the way back, his truck broke down on the highway. He had to call 911 because the vehicle gave up right on the ramp to a major highway. A state trooper actually had to come and plant flares because it was so dark that people may not have seen him there if they didn’t. It was his alternator. All together with tow and repair, it cost about $300. Lucky for him, the tow truck driver gave him a bit of a break or else it would’ve cost him a lot more. The border officials told him that he would not be let back into the country for a year and had 15 days to appeal! Now he’s stuck over at his mom’s.

He’s dealing with the situation pretty well, all things considered. He’s making the necessary moves to get the appeal and see what he can do to fix all this up. When he told me this morning, I was speechless and my heart sunk down to my feet. I feel so terrible for him that I feel a little queasy as I sit here and type this. Just thinking now, it’s kinda funny how he’s gone and come back a few times and nothing like this has ever happened. The most recent time was mid August.

I can’t stop thinking about him. I keep trying to think if there’s anything I can do to help but in reality, my hands are tied. Those who are close to me know who this person is and how much I feel for him.

Me: So does this mean I might lose touch with you?
Him: Not unless you want to
Me: You know I don’t want to
Him: Then you won’t. I promise

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